Sikrikim Attack Emergency Responders With Rocks in Meah Shearim


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sikWhen firemen and EMS personnel responded to a blaze in Meah Shearim on Monday night the eve of 20 Iyar 5773, they did not expect to have to defend themselves from attack. Despite the fact firefighters were responding to a blaze on Blecher Street, the sikrikim, whose yeshiva is located close to the fire, saw nothing wrong with pelting the life-savers with rocks, eggs and whatever they could grab at responders. An Israel Electric Company technician working on the scene was injured by one of the rocks.

Yassam commando police were quickly dispatched to the scene to protect responders as they worked to evacuate people from the fire area for fear of a building collapse.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Are these “people” completely insane?!! Was there by chance a female firefighter or EMT? These idiots don’t know the first thing about Halacha or Torah. The Gemorah calls such people a Chossid Shoita.

  2. Ad mosia yihe zeh lanu l’mokesh? these lunatics are destroying every last vestige of normalcy we have ever had in the eyes of the outside world

  3. I am struggling right now to judge lekaf zechus. Please, Hashem, let this news report be completely wrong!
    Yet, we may have to concede this is entirely too true. Thankfully these excuses for Jews are in the minority, but they are harming every chance for progress between Normal-Chareidi and the rest of the people out there who are looking for signs for how to judge committed Jews, and by extension, judge Torah/Mitzvos.
    What ARE THESE PEOPLE?! The 21st century embodiment of the eruv-rav? Because every time they do this kind of thing they spit in the face of the blatant chiyuv we have to show unity and acceptance of all our brother Yidden. All that warm, fuzzy achdus feeling we get from a night in Meron or a wedding or whatever, just disappears like a puff of smoke in the face of this. And still, our defense forces defend these too, no differently than any of the rest of us. This has nothing to do with the topic of “burden sharing.” This is entirely a different animal. ZAKA shares the burden and then some. Will one member of ZAKA ever come from this crowd?! (rhetorical Q.)
    What will it take to bring any of these people around, which looks like one of the big obstacles to geulah! I don’t even want to think about filling in the blank on that one. THe Ribbono Shel Olam wants us ALL to unify…SOMEHOW. I shudder to think what it will take sometimes…

  4. They should look at video footage of the incident & any thug that threw anything, should have his arms broken & then thrown in prison without any medical help! These thugs (just like the Arabs) understand only one language: violence! Is their leader still in America shnoring gelt?

  5. They must have been followers the individual who recently released his ruling that you need to yell “tzey tamei” at anyone who wears a uniform representing the State of Israel. Army uniform, firefighter uniform – whatever.

    an Israeli Yid

  6. Their “yeshiva is located close to the fire”?

    Oh, how I wonder, just what they learn in that “yeshiva”!! Definitely a different Torah than the one given at Sinai.

  7. we have to find a zechus. it is possible that incidents like this happens to wake us up to the reality of who we ourselves are. we too in our hearts are like these people and we a doing chataim on our level which for them is a challenge to do this on their level

  8. Since these guys seem anxious to fight, perhap they should be drafted then throw rocks at Arabs instead of fellow Jews who are saving lives.

  9. this people act like this because they are ignoramuses with a capital “I”. They have little understanding of the world, little understanding of work, and sadly little understanding of Torah too!

    those ‘above’ them prefer them to remain ignoramuses rather than go out into the world with the possibilities of seeing life as it really is, that non religious can be good people and religious people can be evil.

    Although generally religious people have many mailos above non religious, still there are nice non religious people out there too. This is a conflict in their simple minded view of the world where the ‘frummer’ you are, meaning b’chitzonious, the better you are.

  10. was thinking maybe the fire was out and was not too damaging to the structure and the fire dep was being over zealous to evacuate everyone (from “fear of building collapse”) and close down the building… (not excusing just trying to see why they were throwing at them and not at me)..

  11. To Mrs. Day: YOu are correct. They are the Erev Rav. They are chassidim dressed in sheep’s clothing. They are not Chassidim, because they are not following the ways of the BESHT. They are Chassidim from the outside, but not the inside.