TROUBLING: Unidentified Drones Photographed IAF Bases During Recent Months


A classified Israel Air Force base was photographed by a drone circulating overhead. The IDF reports it is not certain who is behind the drone and the taking of pictures, nor the intended use of the photos, Yisrael Hayom military correspondent Yoav Limor reports on Wednesday, January 23, 2019.

According to the report, the based was photographed on a number of occasions during recent months. Soldiers serving on the base detected the drones hovering overhead and reported the sighting, but they did not succeed in determining who was operating them.

The operation of the drones in the classified base area is very disturbing to the commanders in the area, as well as the air force headquarters as well as the information security forces in the IDF, and an attempt was made to locate those responsible for their operation.

A senior source familiar with the issue told Israel Hayom that the concern is that the information that was taken will be used. According to him, even if the filming was performed innocently and not by a hostile element, the mere exposure of the activity in the facility is liable to cause significant security damage.

He added: “In recent years, the drones have become a topic that is of great concern to the defense establishment, the IDF in general and the air force in particular. The concern is in a number of things, from disruption to the ongoing activity of IAF planes and helicopters, to the use of drones to collect information by hostile elements or out of curiosity. ”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hope the drones are put to good use and that the israeli army should be wiped out by our enemies. hope that the zionist state will be destroyed for good together with the people in it. we will then see ifr hashem comes to save us or not.