VIOLENT ROBBERY: Elderly Woman Beaten And Robbed By Arabs In Her Jerusalem Home


A Jerusalem district police spokesman reported on Wednesday that an elderly woman was beaten and robbed in her home. The assailants fled the scene and police have arrested four suspects in the case.

According to the report, the robbery and assault took place on January 9, 2019, when police received a report of a violent robbery on Ohelei Yosef Street in the capital.

Police report two suspects arrived at the victim’s home, knocking on the door explaining they were delivering a washing machine that she ordered. They tied her up and beat her, and then made off with jewelry and tens of thousands of shekels in cash, including foreign currency. After they fled, B’chasdei Hashem, she was able to get loose and then she summoned police.

Following the investigation, police in recent days raided the homes of the four suspects, all Arab residents of East Jerusalem, ranging in age from 20-40, arresting them as well as impounding two vehicles used during the crime.

Police cite the severity of the alleged actions of the suspects, whose remand has been extended, because they took advantage of an elderly woman, her age, and her limited physical abilities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)