Likud Poll Shows Former Jerusalem Mayor Can Bring 4 Additional Seats


A Likud election poll reveals that if former Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is slotted in a high position in the Likud election list, he will bring four additional seats on Election Day.

The poll was conducted for Barkat’s team by Dialogue Institute prior to the now-famous address last week by Chosen Yisrael party leader Benny Gantz. According to the results of the poll, Likud will receive 24 seats in the elections, with the Chosen Yisrael (Israel Resilience) and Yesh Atid parties receiving 11 seats each. They are followed by Naftali Bennet’s New Right party with 10 seats. The Labor party is decimated, with about four seats, hovering around the minimum threshold. This all changes however if Barkat is added in a senior slot on the lineup, bringing an additional four seats to Likud, to 28.

Would slotting Barkat in a high position increase, decrease or not effect voting or Likud?

75% it makes no difference
19% more likely to vote Likud
6% less likely to vote Likud

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)