VIOLENT PELEG PROTESTS: Police Clash With Protesters Blocking Light Rail, SOLDIER POINTS GUN AT BOCHURIM, 30 Arrested [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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Yeshiva Bochrim learning in Peleg affiliated Yeshivos and supporters took to the streets on Thursday afternoon once again, protesting on Jerusalem’s Sarei Yisrael near Yafo Streets at 4:00PM against the arrest and jailing of a talmid yeshiva.

The pashkavilim for the protest called on participants to shut down the area, which on a Thursday afternoon in the capital, leads to major delays very quickly, including the Jerusalem light rail.

The violence escalated quickly, after protesters laid down in the street to block traffic as well as bringin the Jerusalem Light rail to a halt.

Riot police were standing by waiting for the protest to begin, and quickly moved in. Police initially used their hands to try and move the massive crowd. Eventually, water cannons spraying colored bad-smelling liquid were brought in, along with dozens of police horses.

Police report more than 30 arrests were made.

There have been many reports of police punching the protests in the face, as well as one incident where an IDF soldier pointed his machine gun at the faces at protesters. (See those incidents documents in the videos below)


The Hafganos were called due to the arrest of Meir Blau, who was arrested while protesting the enlistment of women into the IDF last week.

Blau (23) is a father of one and a resident of Modi’in Illit. Following his arrest, it was revealed that he himself was a draft dodger, and the police remanded him into the custody of the military police. He is currently sitting in military prison four for a four-month open sentence while waiting for the legal matters against him to be resolved.


Meanwhile, in Yeshivas Knesset Yechezkel, in Elad, headed by HaGaon HaRav Baruch Mordechai Ettinger, a notice was posted to inform talmidim that they are prohibited from participating in the protests.

It is reported that the notice prohibiting the talmidim from taking part in protests was torn down and replaced a number of times, with Kikar Shabbos News stating the talmidim affiliated with Peleg Yerushalmi tore it down a number of times.

It is also reported that rabbonim in the yeshiva aligned with Peleg are against the position of the rosh yeshiva, who in the past was believed aligned with Peleg, but now, most of the bochrim in the yeshiva are affiliated with the mainstream Degel faction of litvish chareidim.


VIDEO AND PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I live on this street, and yes it smells terribly now but I’m proud that this happened! The situation here in Eretz Yisroel the chilonim are causing is terrible and this is sadly the only way to deal with it

  2. No RRR, this is NOT the way to deal with it. These kids are being used by a few “Rabbanim” that are control freaks.
    Their slogan is “Prison yes, draft no”. So the draft dodgers are sent to prison. So what’s the protest about?

  3. RRR-this was a disgusting and disgraceful attempt at hooliganism and anarchy. I hope that they put every single person who participated in these unforgivable actions behind bars for many years. They are disgracing their own religion.

  4. @RRR: Really? you’re proud? Of what? that thousands of people are held up trying to get somewhere or to prepare shabbos and can’t? Thats what you’re proud of? Shame on You I’m sorry that the police didn’t shoot these
    fake yeshiva boys. Maybe that’s the only way they will learn. Where is their derech eretz to another rosh yeshiva who told his talmidim not to go, and these hoodlums tear dwn the signs? These are not Bnai Torah, and they never will be. Wearing a black hat and suit does not make one frum, nor does a shtreimel. Be considerate of others, be respectful of others. The best thing the police can do now is keep these useless bums in jail until after purim. They, and YOU, are pathetic.

  5. R R R,

    What situation? The situation that requires bochrim to simply show up at the office to receive a p’tur? Your’e proud of those who cause a MASSIVE chilul hashem and sew seeds of sinah and division on a national and global scale?

    “Not going to get a p’tur on philosophical grounds” is a shtick. At the very least it’s a violation of dina d’malchusa dina. The shulchan aruch, sefer hachinuch and chofetz chaim prohibit this behavior and language.

    The only crisis that exists is the one your group is needlessly causing. NNN.

  6. When someone does not obey the law they get put in jail, it’s that simple. They are disturbing other citizens of Israel who do not have anything to do with what they are protesting. They believe just davening and begging Hashem to protect them is enough, we tried that during WW2, did not work out so well. We have to do our part before Hashem steps in and does his part, and we cannot expect HIm to make miracles for us right and left.

  7. RRR – it’s definitely all the chilonim , and the “shiksa” from the 2nd video , don’t forget about her . She’s even worse.
    Have we tried animal noises/various sounds/gestures?
    But not the good animals that are so loving . That wouldn’t work .
    The very maniacal predatory ones .( See National Geo page for some fine examples ) . That may scare some of these 18 yr old soldiers protecting you on a daily basis- and the blue collar chilonim trying to earn a day’s living at the parking garage a bit more than the “how much you make a month” tease from the Tzaddik with the camera on last clip
    ….Just a thought to further the cause .
    Simply trying to help and make us look more like the Am Hanivchar that we are .
    Also , we’ve mastered the singing and dancing like fools in the street method ( see dancing and singing to annoy flight attendants prior videos in a situation clearly their fault for having it snow during a stormy winter evening where we absolutely had to take the last flight out Thursday night to Eretz Yisroel ) .
    We’ve also totally mastered “the absolute biggest Chilul Hashem possible option” ( see video from Brooklyn incident several months back calling Jewish police officers in NY nazis …
    Yes some of those “nazis” were Yiddin . I had to call the precinct the day after to remind them we’re not all animals .
    Although for “the cause”’ maybe we should be?

  8. I am so ashamed of my Yiddishkeit. Hashem Yirachaim. What happened to us, that we have fallen this deep. Oy meh hoyoh lonu………..!

  9. It seems that as soon as a “bein haZmanim” season starts the Peleg-hooligans start up again.
    Real learners, not these fakers, should learn until a few days-not two weeks-before Yom Tov.
    This behavior, so clearly condoned by their roshei yeshivas, must stop.

    And it quite possibly will stop, if the Likud/UOP etc do not win the next election.
    The handouts will stop, as will the military exemptions. And the MP/Zahal will not act so kindly towards this trash.

  10. Sorry to disagree. Yidden are being were thrown out of every country, you would think we should at least be able to live in Eretz Yisroel and do Mitzvos here without shame.
    Anyone have ideas of how to effectively deal with the Israeli’s? If you live here you know just how impossible it is


  12. R R R, then leave. Get out. Perhaps move to the United States, or France, or try England. Many of my friends and relatives somehow manage to maintain a Torah lifestyle, yeshiva education, and maintain a Kiddush Hashem with others. They know that although Israel isn’t perfect, they wouldn’t have the same Torah or general comfort/safety lifestyle in Europe or Chutz’ L’ Eretz. Doesn’t work for everyone, I’m sorry it’s not working for you. The bright lights of Paris are calling for you R.R.R.

  13. It’s funny how people preach Ahavas Yisroel and Kiddush Hashem and then respond to other people’s opinions with undignified, hateful language

  14. RRR

    What shame? Literally, what are you talking about? The shame of spending hundreds and millions of shekels on benefits for the yeshiva community? The shame of having a compromise where all a bochur has to do is show up to the office? Your’e causing massive (needless) disruption and preventing an entire city of people from doing mitzvos FOR NOTHING.

    Here’s an idea on how to effectively deal with Israelis: Go to the office and get a p’tur. Definitely do not cause massive chilul hashems while driving the next generation off the derech because they think you represent real yiddishkeit.

  15. “The people of France love a nice, relaxing riot after a long week of work. There’s nothing quite like it to relieve the stress of the Monday through Friday grind, and hurling rocks and setting fires is tremendous exercise.”

  16. when people need an identity desperately, they’ll risk anything,do anything (eg get arrested,rock climbing, join IDF)
    Plus, flag football is too American
    while kadur regel is too Israeli. This is more appropriate

    However Who is gullible really
    the whole peleg thing is masterminded by shabak to Stir a backlash amongst traditional voters to subvert the religious right coalition

  17. I dont get it… Everyone here may not agree with them, but the right to protest is a basic right in any democracy! And even if there must be a permit and hence these guys are wrong, they are NOT VIOLENT!!!! The violence is coming SOLELY from the “police”, disgusting hateful vengeful violence of which in any other society thered be lawsuits against the cops for this!!!! SO ALL YOU ASHAMED PEOPLE… WHO YOU ASHAMED OF HUH?

  18. The right to protest is a basic right in any democracy and the Peleg did a GREAT job this time around… PELEG- keep up the good work of making a Kiddush Hashem!!!! “חזקו ואמצו”

  19. chash: you are totally wrong. First- blocking streets and paralyzing a city is not a protest. In most democratic countries you get thrown in jail- in others- you get shot. I saw no violence from the police just tying to do their difficult job dealing with hooligans. All these bochurim can be lucky they live in Israel where police does not shoot easily. in The States, there would be many dead by now. Be thankful you live in Israel.

  20. If the police were serious about stopping these riots, why don’t they calmly arrest them one by one and let them go through the system.
    This won’t ever stop of you just keep pulling them away. Arrest and charge them. One by one, even if it’s thousands.
    By the way, the American bochurim and yungerleit have a life, which is why it’s only Israeli bochurim and yungerleit there. No future and no hope.

  21. I would like to thank these upstanding specimens of talmudic scholars for convincing around one hundred thousand undecided Israeli voters to cast ballots for ganz and lapid. Good work, low lives.
    Chareidi system at its best.

  22. The Israeli police are either pathetic or they just enjoy this type of action. I live in New York City. We have protests, parades, events all the time. Even when you have an incident at some event or protest its usually an isolated thing. If this was in NYC the police would have 30 police buses, 1000 police ready to confront the protesters. As soon as they step out of the specific area assigned for protesting the police would move in and make arrests. Why the Israeli police don’t do this is beyond me.

  23. My daughter received her draft notice. She went to the Rabbanut and received a document from the Beit Din — this took 1 hour. She proceeded to the Israeli Post Office and mailed it registered mail to the draft office — this took 1 hour.

    Two weeks later, the draft office said that she received her patur. My daughter did not need to go to the draft office at all.

    Very simple. No hafgono. No problems, BH.

  24. I would like to request from YWN or any of the readers a simple favor. I want names. Yes, names. The names of the bochurim identified as participating in being a public menace. The names of the so-called Roshei Yeshivos who condone this Eisav-like behavior. The names of the yeshivos. I want to know all this so I can be more calm that any of the tzedokoh that I give to individuals or yeshivos to support Torah will not end up in their hands. I want the names of the bochurim to make sure that I never allow my children to marry any of them. These vermin who are mechalel Hashem, mevatlei Torah, metza’eir es hatzibbur, will never mingle with my family. I cannot tolerate the thought of sharing grandchildren with them.

  25. TO Rabbiofberlin. Actually causing a disruption when being abused by a governing body is EXACTLY what demonstration is… case in point Gandhi. Again, this is a NON-VIOLENT protest, and YES the police have to remove them, and deal with them, but again, TRAMPLING YOUR OWN WITH A HORSE FOR NON THREATENING PROTEST… REALLY???!!!!
    This has little to do with civility, and everything to do with intolerance.