Peleg Announces Thursday Protests; Plans to Block Jerusalem Roads

A Bochur is arrested at a Peleg hafgona in Bnei Brak

The Peleg Yerushalmi have decided to inconvenience the citizens of Jerusalem and its visitors yet again on Thursday, due to the arrest of Meir Blau, who was protesting the enlistment of women into the IDF last week. A statement issued by the group said: “We will shake the entire world due to the arrest of a Ben Yeshiva.”

Blau (23) is a father of one and a resident of Modi’in Illit. He was arrested last week while participating in a protest. Following his arrest, it was revealed that he himself was a draft dodger, and the police remanded him into the custody of the military police. He is currently sitting in military prison four for a four-month open sentence while waiting for the legal matters against him to be resolved.

Organizers are calling upon protesters to block the intersection of Saarei Yisrael and Yaffo Streets beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Water cannons are loaded with the newest smelly liquids which leave a stench that will stick to their skin and be almost impossible to wash off for days. Don’t plan to sit next to these hoodlums in shuls this Shabbos unless you are wearing protective nose gear.

  2. And I hope the police are there in force to arrest every single one of these animals. Yes, these are yeshiva bochurim who are supposed to be learning, which they aren’t. Now, they are protesting the IDF by making everyone else’s lives miserable. I want every one of these detained and held until after Purim. I want their names publicized so that those being proposed shidduchim for their daughters can be informed of their history of criminality and bitul Torah.

    This does not reflect my opinion about draft to IDF. But these protesters are disgusting animals that deserve no support, only detention. When they are not busy facing the judge, they can learn to their hearts’ content.

  3. @the little I know
    I am not agreeing with anything going on but this is how you call a fellow Jew?? You got serious issues buddy

  4. these animals block ambulances and cause death in the name of their religion. i hope that Israel puts them on the Palestinian side of the border with their close cousins.

  5. Little You Know: do you have the same attitude toward all the other groups that demonstrate publicly in Israel (e.g., disabled, social workers, DL protesting Shabak arrests, to name a few)? Or is your deeply rooted Ahavat Yisrael reserved only for yeshiva students?

  6. The police should come with a large force and announce that anyone blocking a public way or street will be removed and arrested by force. Then they should proceed and beat the crap out of these disgusting and stupid bochrim who are a chillul haShem meaning worse than the seculars….

  7. @thelittleiknow
    You may really only know little.
    (A joke,pls take it)
    It should disgust us to see Jews fighting with Jews.
    Moshiach will come and peace will be brought to the world.
    Let us as Jews who are natural independent thinkers, always look to be Marbeh Kvod Shomayim in the way we were brought up, whilst ignoring sects that tend to cause us anguish and bring the bad out of us and not allowing any Peace within us.
    We can all agree to disagree and live our lives in an Amazing and Exciting way!

  8. Yes u heard right! ”criminals” “disgusting animals” how dare they listen to their gedolei Hador instead of the learned commentators on Yeshiva ln! Lock Em up!

  9. “The people of France love a nice, relaxing riot after a long week of work. There’s nothing quite like it to relieve the stress of the Monday through Friday grind, and hurling rocks and setting fires is tremendous exercise.”