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Family Calls For Tefilos For The Chareidi Passenger Who Survived Motorcycle Accident On Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway

Yechiel ben Orit remains in Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, in need of Am Yisrael’s tefilos. Yechiel is the survivor of the fatal motorcycle crash which occurred on Wednesday on the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv Highway.

As reported by YWN-Israel, the driver of the motorcycle R”L was killed in the accident. Both are members of the Chareidi community.

The accident occurred between the highway and route 38, by the Shar HaGai gas station. Sadly, rumors have already spread on social media, that Yechiel died of his injuries, but B”H they are only rumors.

The fatality in the accident was 18-year-old Yinon Shlomo Z”L of Bnei Brak.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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