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Purim Tragedy in Yad Binyamin: Young Man Niftar A Year After His Chasunah

Hundreds took part in the erev Shabbos levaya of Tzemach David Farjun Z”L, 20, from Yad Binyamin, who collapsed on Purim and died suddenly.

Tzemach David, who was married a year ago, was the son of Rav Ariel Farjun, Rosh Yeshivat Torat Chaim in Yad Binyamin.

BeChadrei Chareidim reported that he was found on motzei Purim on a street in Yad Binyamin. United Hatzalah responded and CPR was begun, and he was transported in critical condition to a hospital.

Nachal Soreq Regional Council statement: “The Council shares with the sorrow and pain of the community of Torat Chaim regarding the untimely demise of the late Tzemach David Farjun, the son of Rabbi Ariel and Galit Farjun, head of Yeshivat Torat Chaim in Yad Binyamin. Tzemach, 20, is married to Moriah, and was the eldest son of Rabbi Ariel and Galit.

בבניין ירושלים ננוחם ונתבשר בבשורות טובות, אמן”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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