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Former DM & Sderot Resident, MK Amir Peretz On Israeli Response To Rocket Fire

“I want to praise IDF forces, particularly those in the air working tirelessly to permit us, the Gaza area residents, to resume normal life” said MK (Labor) Amir Peretz to a News13 morning news magazine program on Tuesday morning.

That said, Peretz added this is just another round of fighting with Hamas and the current administration has yet to find a solution. Peretz feels if his party will be in the next government coalition, it is capable of reigning in Hamas and bringing a halt to ongoing rounds of warfare.

He adds that in the last four years, Hamas has become politically and militarily stronger so it is time for “real negotiations with the Palestinians” towards finding reaching a real long-term solution. Only then, claims Peretz, will the more moderate Arab nations join in and then the pressure on Hamas will be enormous.

Earlier in the good morning program, Minister Yuval Steinitz of Likud stated, “Hamas is not a real negotiating partner”, praising the response of the IDF as well as the administration’s security accomplishments. He admitted that while there was still work ahead regarding Gaza and the Hamas, the IDF during the past administration under Binyamin Netanyahu has discovered Hamas and Hezbollah tunnels in southern and northern Israel respectively, as well as Mr. Netanyahu’s defiance and accomplishments in the international and local arenas vis-à-vis the major threat against Israel, the existential threat, Iran.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Media Resource Group)

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