Report: Medical Cannabis Shortage In Israel Leaves 15,000 Patients Without A Solution


Chadashot News12 reports that the Tikkun Olam medical cannabis company has informed patients it cannot supply them any longer and according to IDF veteran Yaron Adel, that has left 15,000 people like himself without the relief required, which medical cannabis supplies.

According to Adel, who has been diagnosed with PTSD and has a medical cannabis license, Tikun Olam Medical Cannabis company has informed its patients via SMS text messaging that it is closing down, and patients have to now hand in their cannabis license and reapply for their license from the Ministry of Health. This is a long process, usually taking about three months according to the Ministry’s Cannabis Hotline.

According to the News12 report, there are now 15,000 people with a medical cannabis license from the ministry without a supplier. Many if not most have turned to drug dealers to buy it illegally since they are without another solution, Adel explains.

When News12 asked Tikkun Olam and the Health Ministry to respond, both were most reassuring and insisted all that is humanly possible is being done to expedite the process. Adel on the other hand is angry, insisting “they know how to send us to combat but not how to bring us home”, telling News12 the responses do not reflect reality for him and many others whom he knows to be on medical cannabis, receiving their prescriptions from Tikkun Olam.

The Health Ministry promises to assist Yaron and others like him within 45 days, without a waiting period. Yaron insists that Deputy Health Minister Litzman and Health Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the others running for government simply do not care and this is why the unacceptable system set up by the Health Ministry continues as it does.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)