Report: Chareidim Fear Deal With Gantz and Lieberman Which Would Leave Them in Opposition


The chareidi parties, Shas and Yahadut Hatorah, both having expressed their loyalty to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to form the next coalition government, are now hearing unwanted rumors. According to reports on Israel Radio, based on credible rumors, Netanyahu has been talking with Benny Gantz, chairman of the Blue and White party, and Avigdor Lieberman, who chairs the Yisrael Beitenu party.

The report states this will permit Netanyahu to establish a coalition of about 74 seats, depending on final election outcome, and not have to deal with the chareidim. The report cites much fear surrounds the new draft law, as Lieberman, who may have just been politically posturing, insists he will not tolerate changes to the current draft version of the law, and Yair Lapid of the Blue and White party has echoed this.

There is no official word regarding these rumors, but Mr. Netanyahu has publicly announced he will form a coalition with his ‘natural partner’ and it remains to be determined if this partner is the chareidim as believed or the Blue and White party. In addition, Lieberman remains abroad, having left after elections, and persons close to him insist he has not been in touch with the prime minister.

The heads of the parties are scheduled to begin meeting with President Reuven on Monday, April 15 at which time each party representative will suggest who they think should receive the presidential mandate to form the next government. Both Shas and Yahadut Hatorah have signaled they will be recommending PM Netanyahu.

Lieberman is also reportedly opposed to sitting in a national unity coalition that would include the left-wing Meretz party. Both he and Lapid oppose sitting with the chareidim as well, while the chareidim have been careful to only declare Lapid persona non-grata and not Lieberman, realizing he will probably be needed to form a coalition with them.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Perhaps it is time for the Chareidi world to untether themselves from the right wing ideology of the Likud and the apparent infatuation with Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi threw the Chareidim under the bus when he served as finance minister in the Sharon government and when he let Yair Lapid set the agenda in his coalition government with Yesh Atid. Furthermore he puts long term bipartisan US support for Israel at risk when he and Ron Dermer act like Republican party operatives.

  2. As a frum Jew myself,i hope and pray this is exactly what happens,it hurts me to say it but these so called religious party’s are nothing but extortionist’s of the lowest form,their reason for sitting in the Knesset is not for the betterment and welfare of Medinas Yisroel,but for only two things,how to extort more money for the tens of thousands who don’t work but insist on learning on the CHESHBON of the rest of the country,and to make sure that almost 20% of the population will not be required to help in defending their own families and country. What a gigantic CHILLUL HASHEM.

  3. Of course the treif fresser Bibi’s ‘natural partner’ is the treif fresser Lieberman. They both hate the Charedim, Lieberman is just more open and principled about it. Bibi will make whatever deal is most likely to keep him out of jail. A coalition not dependent on the Charedim suits him down to the ground. What can Shas’ Deri offer him? Inside information on jail conditions? What can Litzman offer him? A fight over a bridge in Tel Aviv?

  4. Chugibug, the Arabs make up 20% of the Israeli population, and take up even more of the welfare services and don’t serve in the IDF, so why not rail on them instead of those who live simple lives without luxuries to study Torah and make sure Israel is a Jewish state!

  5. ChugiBugi, you call yourself a ‘frum Jew” -Seriously? You call the religious parties ‘extortionists of the lowest form”. So Yahadut HaTorah who take their instructions from Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita are lower in your eyes than the mechalelley shabbos who go to the army?
    A reminder of Sharey Teshuvah ch143: “Anyone who says Torah Learners are not contributing to society- is an apikores and has NO CHELEK in olom haboh” – Rabeynu Yonah is a rishon from 600 hundred years ago…
    So… Please explain exactly what is ‘frum’ about you?!!

    The Avrech sitting and learning is protecting the ‘Medinah’ more than the 80% of ‘soldiers’ who are not in combat roles. In fact, he is protecting the medinah more than the combat soldiers themselves!-

    If Bibi joins Lapid- he will go to jail in the end…… and I think he knows it…..

  6. Let BIBI do it, it wouldn’t take long for lapid to challenge BIBI , and bring down the Government, the Chareidim will never bring down the Government as you can always buy the chareidim per BIBI.

  7. To Ah Yid, who quotes “Shlo Echad bilvad umad alainu……..”, I’m with chugibugi and I have another part of the haggada to quote: “Dayeunu.”

    Had the haredi parties not kept jacking up their extortion, anTofasta meruba lo tafasta.”d instead said “Dayeinu,” they wouldn’t have the whole country sick of them and their demands.

    And Bibi would be talking to the haredi parties instead of Liebrman and Gantz.

    Another Chazal that probably applies to the haredi parties, which they should have remembered is “Tofasta meruba lo tofasta.”

  8. docelisheva,

    the reason Arabs are not required to join the army is very simple ,they are a traitorous fifth column who are not trusted,in case of war they would turn their weapons against their own army,.
    I am sure you yourself know that ,so what’s your point in comparing these traitorous Arab enemies to frum Jews?

  9. HaShem yerachem If Gantz joins Bibi.
    The draft law will upend Yiddishkeit!
    They just made the fourth battalion “mixed gender!” Out of five!
    Even the talmidim of yeshivot hesder are very upset about that!
    The progressives are out to destroy the fabric of the frum society and you are talking about extortion?