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THERE WILL BE A MINYAN! Rav Kanievsky Questioned Why Not Ten Seats Instead of Eight? [WATCH THE VIDEO]

On last Thursday, HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita tested sixth graders. After the bechina, Rav Kanievsky gave his bracha to Yahadut Hatorah which at the time, was fighting for its eighth seat in Knesset which was hanging in the air.

When Rav Chaim inquired as to the results of the election, he was told that B’ezras Hashem Degel Hatorah will receive eight seats. “Why eight? We need ten” said Rav Kanievsky.

A grandson of the rav explained that the Gadol Hador was told about the Norwegian Law and how once ministers are appointed, the same persons can resign as MKs and then others can enter Knesset, to which Rav Chaim reportedly responded, “There will be a minyan”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. Such a kiddush hashem for the “rav” speaking to rav chaim .
    Why would he call Jews from the other parties רשעים???
    When people see how these chevra speak, I’m sure it endears them to religous Jews.

  2. Ben: the only parties that consistently try to protect Jewish values in the Israeli knesset are UTJ and Shas. Does the Likud ever stand up for Torah and Mitzvos? The rav in the video (speaking to Reb Chaim) said that the restored eighth seat came at the “expense” of the Likud party. What are they? Tzadikkim? If a party doesn’t support the Torah — does that make them “beinonim?” They are guilty of being “meisis u’meidi’ach” against the Torah. Be grateful to Hashem that He gave UTJ another seat.

  3. The article doesn’t explain why the Rav believes that the Yahadut slate should have received ten seats rather than the eight they qualify for under the allocation formula for MK slots based on votes cast? Is he questioning the vote counting?

  4. @Gadolhadorah
    R” Chaim didn’t say that the results are flawed and that it should have resulted in 10 seats. He said אנחנו צריכים עשר- we NEED 10.

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