Kindergarten Teacher Checked For Measles & Reported To Work Nonetheless


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A Jerusalem kindergarten teacher who was checked for measles decided for some reason, to report to work anyway. The parents were outraged after they were updated on her condition, KAN News reported.

According to the parents, even after being warned late, they did not receive further instructions, and when they came to the Tipat Chalav well-baby clinic, they waited for hours for the vaccination because the municipality did not increase the number of nurses at the station.

According to the KAN News report, one of the mothers, who had been waiting for two hours, decided to go to the district health office to have her son vaccinated – when she made the journey on the light rail loaded with passengers.

In response to the parents’ complaints, the Ministry of Health said that “an official letter from the district health office was sent to the replacement kindergarten teacher who was asked to pass it on to all parents. The parents are instructed to go to the clinic they are treated in to receive vaccinations.

“The directive is the standard directive for exposure to measles. The children exposed were not checked for measles, and therefore, there is no danger to other babies treated in the clinic. Regarding the clinic being backed up, the parents are also given the option of receiving the vaccination in the district health office.”

The Jerusalem Municipality said in response: “The kindergarten teacher chose to come to work in the kindergarten, and of course, if she were ill and absent from work, the municipality would act to replace her.”

“When the kindergarten teacher learned about her illness, she turned to the necessary medical care, and the parents of the kindergarten were immediately updated to allow children who are not fully immunized to vaccinate.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)