HATER CONTINUES RANT: Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi Continues Bad-Mouthing The Chareidi Tzibur


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Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi began his Monday angrily, as is his norm. He used Facebook, broadcasting live, accusing the chareidim, who comprise 22% of the city, of “barely” paying arnona property tax and making the city filthy.

Ron Kobi opened the live broadcast on Facebook from the landfill site of the sanitation department of the Tiveria Municipality, claiming that the quantities of dry waste were out of proportion, and according to the residents, they do so on purpose. The mayor accused the business owners and citizens of dumping too much waste.

After the live broadcast, Kobi began attacking the Interior Ministry, Minister Aryeh Deri, his ministry director-general, Mordechai Cohen, and Boaz Yosef, when he claimed that he had asked for help from Boaz Yosef in the amount of NIS 25,000 to purchase dumpsters for cleaning trash, but the request was refused due to ‘political considerations’.

When the attack on the Interior Ministry was over, the mayor began a sharp attack on the chareidim. “They are flexing their muscles in an entire city that has 22 percent chareidim who want to squeeze the public coffers, barely paying municipal taxes, tarnishing the city. Shame to them” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t understand why the esteemed mayor of Teveria is not allowed to object to what he perceives as “extremists.” I know of a website that makes a habit — maybe even considering it a “mitzva” — of castigating “extremists.” Everyone has their own definition of “extremist.”

  2. One day we shall see this person Mayor Kobi become a Chozer BeTeshuva. He is really hurting inside and the reason is he so against us is because he really loves us. At this time Mayor Kobi just can’t admit the Emes but eventually a door will open and he begin his journety back to his soul and come back home. All around Reb Don will go to speak to Yeshivas and Bais Yaakov’s. He will grace the cover of Jewish magazines and he will be the highlight of many massive Chareidi events. We will all be chasing Reb Ron Kobi.

  3. I witnessed the change in Tveriah since Ron Kobi was elected. This evil man is making the holy place turn into a nightmare. It is impossible to rest near Kinneret on Shabbat…lots of noise and loud music, stupid behaviors. Ron Kobi can do this in Paris or New York if he wants to. But not in one of the four holy cities of Israel.