CHOMETZ GRAB! Video Round-Up From Around Eretz Yisroel


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People packed bakeries in Eretz Yisroel on Motzei Pesach, as they waited for the first available freshly baked bread and other bakery items.

The attached footage is a collage of multiple videos taken tonight around Eretz Yisroel.


  1. 1st piece of meat after Tisha b’Ov, I fully comprehend. But 1st loaf after Pessach:- Come on!! What is the mater with you folks? All this Chometz is nothing more than fluff and Ga’avah:- Grow up!

  2. dont belive the people that were liberated 75 years ago from concentration camp acted this way
    this is a shanda and a busha
    most probably the same Peleg animals they have expirience in this type of behaviour

  3. please remove- totally the minority.
    why post embarrising and degrading pictures of people who didnt really
    get the meaning of pessach.
    most menches were at home helping their wife put away the pessach dishes. they probably had some left over brisdet and stuffing for a midnight snack.