IDF Permits Special Conditions For Talmidei Yeshivos Ketanos Reporting To Draft Centers


The Chairman of the Vaad Yeshivos, HaRav Chaim Aharon Kaufman, has reached agreement with IDF officials by which bnei torah reporting to induction centers for their first draft order, the ‘tzav rishon’, will have special provisions. They will report at specified times, escorted by rabbonim.

In line with the new agreement, in most induction centers around the country, there will be gender separation to accommodate them as well. In addition, the interview that was conducted for the ‘tzav rishon’ has been canceled, and they will only have to show a declaration from their doctor attesting to their medical condition and complete basic forms.

The new arrangement is being conducted on an experimental basis, and in the coming weeks, the bnei torah arriving at induction centers to document their status for the ‘tzav rishon’ only, referring to talmidim ages 16.5, talmidim in yeshivos ketanos, will be able to benefit from this new arrangement, arriving with a rabbinical escort at a specified time, in a gender-separated environment, and without having an interview.

Representatives of the Vaad Yeshivos will monitor the experimental program in induction centers and are continuing to work to find solution for facilities in cities where the new arrangement does not yet apply.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)