Israel Police Completes Preparations For The 2nd Ramadan Friday


Israel Police completed its preparations for the second Friday of the month of Ramadan in Jerusalem.

Israeli police, border police and reinforcements will deploy on Friday morning in East Jerusalem and in the alleys of the Old City, to allow freedom of worship for tens of thousands of Muslims to pray, maintain order and security, and regulate movement.

The Israel Police calls on all worshipers to celebrate their holiday and to obey the instructions of the policemen in the field to maintain order.

Worshipers who arrive for prayer by means of transportation will go back to the bus at the end of the prayer, at the point where they got off the bus in the morning. Entry will be granted to permits with permits to enter Israel in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of Defense.

There will be many traffic diversions in place to accommodate Islamic worshipers. One may phone 110 for real-time police updates on traffic.

Police add that drones of any type are absolutely prohibited anywhere in Jerusalem’s Old City as well as the bordering Jerusalem Envelope area and alleys in those areas.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)