WATCH IT – RARE INTERVIEW: Jonathan Pollard Blasts Netanyahu, Says “Israel Doesn’t Care About Me”


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Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who is still confined to U.S. soil, gave a rare interview on Tuesday in which he accused the Israeli government of not caring about him or his fate. He specifically accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, claiming the Prime Minister has made many other things a priority in negotiations with the U.S. and that Netanyahu passed up numerous opportunities to bring him home.

Pollard held the impromptu interview in a New York restaurant that was later broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12. “To be disappointed, you have to expect more. My expectation level is so low that I am not surprised. The government’s indifference to get us [he and his wife, Esther] home would be crushing if I didn’t know that our faith in Hashem and love of the land is so strong that it will eventually see us home.”

The interviewer pointedly asked Pollard if he thought that Netanyahu had done enough to try to bring him home. Pollard responded by explaining that there were already numerous occasions since his release from prison when the prime minister could have raised his fate with US President Donald Trump but chose different priorities.

“There always seems to be something else,” he said. Pollard spoke of the recent successes in Israeli-U.S. relations such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, breaking the Iran deal, and recognizing Israeli control over the Golan Heights, as taking priority over his own situation.

“To make it a priority would mean the government cared enough to say it’s time for me to come home in a forthright manner and this hasn’t been done. There is a concern as to what this suggests about its commitment to security. If you don’t care about someone like myself, who spent 30 years in prison on behalf of the land and people of Israel, then how much concern can you actually show or exhibit or feel towards anybody in the country, from our soldiers to our civilians?”

“I’m still fighting to get home, and with God’s help we will get home.”

Making an official response to the accusations aimed at him during the interview, the Prime Minister’s office responded by saying that Netanyahu remains committed to bringing the Pollards back home and that the Prime Minister raised the issue many times so far. They added that Netanyahu plans to continue to raise the topic in future meetings with President Trump.

As part of Pollard’s parole, which he began on November 20th, 2015, he cannot come to Israel at all, nor can he leave his NY apartment during the nighttime hours between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. He must also wear an electronic tracking device at all times. The last condition of his parole is that any computer use must be monitored by U.S. government software.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. His issue is a painful one but it mustn’t be a priority for Israel over, say, Iran, Golan etc. His issue is directly with the U.S. He could request the president release him. Israel got him out of jail – the rest is not such a priority. It will happen in due time.

  2. I am sorry if this is beyond your level of understanding, jonathen, but the iran nuclear deal, recognizing jerusalem as israels capital, and recognizing the golan as part of israel are each individualy more important than bringing you here.
    The false narrative you and your supporters have constructed since 1987 does not change the fact that you were motivated by greed, not ideals.
    That you expect us to view you as another ron arad or an eli cohen only magnifies how better off we are without you.

  3. His whining is an insult to the families of our missing soldiers.
    There is no comparison between them.
    His sense of entitlement is breathtaking.

  4. He should be happy just to be freed from the Gray Bar Hotel. Now shut up, Pollard, and simply abide by the terms of your parole.

  5. Can Pollard please stop. There is so much revisionist history. Pollard blames everybody but himself. He was not a selfless hero spying for Israel. He was paid very handsomely to spy. When it appeared that he was discovered, Israel had warned him not to come to their embassy, as being publicly linked to him could damage their relationship with the U.S. They provided him with a safe escape plan . Instead of using it, he decided to go public, went to the Embassy and, when refused admission was arrested. Israel has made attempts but Pollard caused his own predicament.

  6. I’m surprised that he would want to put himself under the sovereignty of that country after what they did the last time he was under their sovereignty. Seemingly Hashem knows better than he does where he’s best off.

  7. Still, I have enormous sympathy for him after everything he’s been through and wish him a fulfilling life of Torah and avoda in whatever setting Hashem decides to put him in. I’m reminded that when one of the Russian refuseniks (don’t remember which one) finally made it to Eretz Yisroel many years ago there was enormous fighting among various factions over who would get control of him.

  8. He’s suffered too much, too long, and much, much more than the other spies who committed far worse.
    Hashem should help him come home very soon.
    He’s understandably bitter, but his issue has been brought to American presidents before, but there’s nothing Israel can do unless a president pardons him fully and let’s him go. We don’t know the behind the scenes doings of Israel and I’m sure it’s been going on… Some of you are heartless ( and some anti_Israeli ) commentators ….
    American-yerushalmi : You just HAD to toss in this garbage …. Feel better???

  9. No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally – only Jonathan Pollard. The median sentence for this offense is two to four years. Even agents who have committed far more serious offenses on behalf of hostile nations have not received such a harsh sentence.
    He should be free!!