DESPICABLE HATE CRIME: Excrement Smeared On A Mezuzah Of A Haifa Building


Haifa Deputy Mayor, Councilman (Degel Hatorah) Miki Alper, has contacted Israel Police Chief Superintendent Amit Pollack to report a disgusting and outrageous hate crime, the smearing of excrement on the mezuzah of the entrance of a building in the Hadar neighborhood of the city. He called on the senior police commander to utilize all resources available to him to bring the responsibility party to justice.

According to Ladaat News, Pollack told the councilman that he views the incident with the utmost severity, promising police will address the incident accordingly, including the gathering of any relevant evidence from the scene; area surveillance camera photos and more forensic data.

Residents are quoted telling Ladaat that after Alper became involved, police were quick to arrive at the scene and begin the process of gathering evidence including taking fingerprints, photos and surveillance camera data.

MK (Shas) Michael Michaeli told Ladaat, “This is a very shocking incident that is difficult to comprehend. I rely on law enforcement and remain certain that Haifa police will apprehend the responsible party and bring them to justice for committing this nauseating act”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)