WATCH THIS: Saudi Man Expresses Love For Israel, Amnon Yitzchak and Binyamin Netanyahu


Mahmud Suad, a youg man from the Saudi Arabian Capital of Riyadh has publicly stated his support for the State of Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel and even Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, whose show, Suad claims he watches consistently.

In a recent interview he gave with Ami Magazine, Suad was quoted as saying the following: “I took a close look at the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip and I discovered that it was impossible to believe the news that was being reported. Many things that are inaccurate are being reported in the Arabic media. Israelis are not the enemy of the Palestinian, Hamas is the one that is using the Palestinian people to maintain control. This is exactly what the Houthi rebels in Yemen are doing to the people there. What’s more so, they are being funded by Iran.”

Suad said that he spent time learning at a university in the United States, and it is there that he began learning about Jews. When he returned to Saudi Arabia, he began to learn in earnest about Israel and Israelis.

“I love to hear piyutim. This moves me. I love to listen to Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, he speaks in easy Hebrew and it is easy for me to understand him. When I heard him speak I thought an Arab was speaking, then I realized that he is a Yemenite Jew. It is fun for me to listen to him. I also like to listen to Israeli music,” Suad admitted.

When asked what other people in Saudi Arabia feel about his posting public videos in support of Israel Suad said: “The website Al Jazeera didn’t like what I was posting so they asked the government to investigate me. But the government doesn’t interfere, they give freedom to people to do what they want. The Crowned Prince is making a lot of changes. He has allowed women to drive, something which has never before been accepted. I am not saying that everyone in Saudi Arabia is an angel, but most of the people who are not influenced by the Arabic media from other countries understand that the Jews are not the obstacle to peace, Hamas is.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. slowly but surely the Arabs will come around and realize Israel is not an enemy and eventually will make peace with it,
    the only enemy left that will never make peace with the Jews of Israel,will be the haters of Satmar and the criminally insane Neturai Karta

  2. Fix the title its misleading he not speaking about Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak or netanyahu. he’s speaking about Moshe Chabusha and Chacham Ovadia

  3. He’s listening to Moshe Chabusha. He’s possibly the most famous chazzan in the sephardi world. (He was actually my teacher). Arabs and Sephardic jews both use maquams to sing.

    Maqamim is the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music, which is mainly melodic. … Each maqam is built on a scale, and carries a tradition that defines its habitual phrases, important notes, melodic development and modulation.
    That’s why the arab is enjoying Moshee chabusha.

    I’m not sure why the article is titled amnon Yitzchok and Netanyahu.

  4. Dr. Laura from what I heard was very disappointed by how living Jews treated her, and it turned her off. This young man has a bright face and a positive attitude and respect for holiness. I respect him very much from what I see here. I hope his appreciation for holiness in our nation isn’t reduced by the silly comments people are making here. This has nothing to do with politics or mossad, it has to do with a philosopher who is attracted to holiness. Mahmud, may you have a long and productive life.