Wife Of Missing Mevo Modi’im Man Pleads For Assistance In Finding Her Husband


Mrs. Malka Ilovitz of Mevo Modi’im, the wife of Moshe Eliezer, who remains missing since the Friday before Lag B’Omer is once again calling at the public at large to assist in efforts to locate Moshe. He was last seen at the tziyun of the Rashbi on Friday night before Lag B’Omer. Officials now fear for his life.

It has been over two weeks since his disappearance and on Shabbos before Lag B’Omer began, he was at the tziyun of the Rashbi she explains, “and he simply vanished, as if the earth swallowed him up” she exclaims. He was supposed to take part in the motzei Shabbos events at the tziyun together with her and the children, who were traveling to join him, but he disappeared, and the search has been ongoing since.

Shortly after his disappearance, the family sustained another difficult blow, the massive fire in Mevo Modi’in that engulfed 40 of the community’s 50 homes, leaving them homeless as well.

The Israel Dog Unit joined the search this week, working with Israel Police and others, but unfortunately, there have not been any developments.

Anyone with information or willing to assist in the search is asked to phone 054-487-6709.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)