JARED SPEAKS! In Rare Interview, Kushner Pressed on Trump Racism, MidEast Peace Deal & More [VIDEOS]


President Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner sat down for a rare interview that aired Sunday night on HBO. The contentious interview was conducted by Johnathon Swan of Axios.

When asked if Trump is racist: “Absolutely not,” Kushner responded. “You can’t not be a racist for 69 years then run for president and be a racist.”

Then came the inevitable follow-up:

Swan: Was birtherism racist?

Kushner: Um…look, I wasn’t really involved in that.

Swan: I know you weren’t. Was it racist?

Kushner: Like I said, I wasn’t involved in that.

Swan: I know you weren’t. Was it racist?

Kushner: Um, look, I know who the president is and I have not seen anything in him that is racist. So again, I was not involved in that.

Swan: Did you wish he didn’t do that?

Kushner: Like I said, I was not involved in that. That was a long time ago.

On the Israel – Palestinian peace deal: “I’m not here to be trusted…They’re gonna judge it based on the facts and then make a determination. Do they think this will allow them to have a pathway to a better life or not?”

He also wouldn’t say if he would call the FBI if Russia tried to contact Trump’s 2020 campaign by email:

On his relationship with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi:

On notable quotes from the interview, via CNN:

“The first couple of years, politics was a newer thing for me. We got involved in the campaign. The President asked me to get involved.”

“He [President Trump] respects people who are willing to be honest with him.”

On whether he agrees with Trump on abortion: “Again, I was not the person who was elected.”

“I think, look, the world right now is in, uh, we inherited a, a crazy world.”

On running for office in his own right: “No, it’s not something that, that I would ever think about doing.”

On 2016: “Let me put you in my shoes at that time. OK, I’m running three companies, I’m helping run the campaign.”

“You may not like the way he says it, and you may not like his solution for it, but these things are broken and they need debate and they need people trying to solve these problems. And this President is working every day to try and solve these problems.”


  1. bull with more bull The plo don’t want peace the leader are sucking other countries dry while doing nothin g for the people. Paying killers of Jews money is not a thing that shows they want peace; in fact it show the opposite
    I am tired of listen to lie after lie that the plo want peace, their citizens yes their leaders no. Shutting rockets from schools and hospital does not show me yo want people

  2. These types of seemingly investigative journalism efforts take whatever is said and spin it into their agenda of drawing suspicion on their targets. Fake news has many subtle ways of twisting and re-packaging reality to fit a narrative they promote, i;e. pro-Clinton, anti-Trump, etc. Some of them find a small piece of unproven speculation and craft it into an accusation that supports the impressions that they want promoted, fueling a rumor and false lead frenzy that takes days, or weeks to play out. In the meantime, they are viewed as “groundbreaking”, even though it all fizzles until the next news frenzy, with rarely an apology for misleading. This is part of what plagues an industry built on readership, site hits, and distribution for their advertisers, and aspiring college graduated journalists. Their sensationalism isn’t bold headlines in the daily paper anymore, its the newsflash, groundbreaking, rumor mill of manipulative falsity.