Rocket Fire Directed at Israel During the Night – The IAF Retaliates


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Gaza-based terrorists continue efforts to spark renewed warfare as rockets were fired at southern Israel after midnight. The Iron Dome responded to intercept the attack. Earlier in the day, on Wednesday, incendiary balloons were sent into southern Israel.

The Red Alert warning was sounded at 12:15AM in the Eshkol Regional Council as a rocket launch was detected. B’chasdei Hashem, the Iron Dome defense system intercepted the rocket and there were no injuries as impact was in an open field. The IDF Spokesman’s Office confirmed there was rocket fire.

During the early morning predawn hours, IAF fighter planes targeted terrorists in Gaza in a retaliatory strike, hitting an underground military facility.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 1. Stop focusing on military facilities. Start focusing on terrorists. They simply change their address and continue. If they were eliminated, they would be unable to attack.
    2. The UN and other corrupt organizations that support terror, will undoubtedly complain that Israel responds with greater force than was directed at her. I say that anyone uttering such stupid evil statements should be a target of assassination.
    3. The moves to place restrictions on Gaza for offenses and terror actions should be mandated by Israeli law. They should state that the first offense will result in closing of crossings and fishing zones for one week. Each subsequent such action or offense will involve a closing for a week longer, a full 2 weeks. Next, 3 weeks, and so in.
    4. These attacks should be responded to with moving the borders. They are undeserving of the land, and by these actions prove they cannot use it for anything but a launching pad for terror. Take it back piece by piece. If they end up in the sea, good riddance.

  2. Little I know:
    It is true that Israel’s “massive strike on a multi-story building belonging to Hamas military intelligence” (zero human casualties) are useless. It must be pointed out that Israel has the most restricted ability to carry out S & D missions because there are lawyers attached to every unit, battalion strength and up who restrict target availability. A commander who gets under their microscope may find himself demoted, or worse. Chief of Staff Kochavi has the ability to remove them but like his predecessor Gadi Eisenkot bowed to the waves of liberal pressure coming from liberal Israeli’s and Europe. (With the noted exception of his ordering of the killing of an Iranian “money man” in Gaza City