FRIGHTENING FOOTAGE: Truck Slams Into “Coca Cola Bridge” Near Bnei Brak As Pedestrians Walk On It


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A truck traveling on Route 4 southbound adjacent to Bnei Brak, struck the bottom portion of the concrete on the Coca Cola Bridge on Tuesday morning, resulting in damage to the concrete.

Callers to the Israel Police emergency call center explained they saw the truck with a crane hitting the pedestrian bridge near Givat Shmuel.

Following the reports, a police car was dispatched to the scene along with a bridge engineer from Netivei Israel. The engineer determined there was no safety hazard to the bridge and that traffic could continue without interruption.

Following the collection of findings at the scene, the matter was transferred to the police examiners’ unit to probe the details of the incident and towards determining a course of action.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Police Spokesman Unit)


  1. This is not the Coca-Cola bridge. YWN made the same error last time a truck knocked down this same bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge closer to Mayanei Hayeshua, 700m past the Coca-Cola bridge when coming from the direction of Yerushalayim.