British Youth Threaten To Blow Up Plane At Ben Gurion; 18 Brits Forced to Disembark


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Some 18 British teenagers were forcibly removed from a British Airways flight that was scheduled to depart from Ben Gurion airport in Israel on Sunday, before the plane took off. The cause of the removal was that one of them threatened to blow up the aircraft. Even after it was clear that none of the teens had any bomb on them, the Captain insisted that he would not fly the plane with those 18 people.

The 18 teens attended a private event in Israel. After the group boarded the plane, one of them announced that he would blow up the plane. This act caused the captain to update the management of the British airline. The pilot was instructed to remove the problematic teens from the plane.

A security team was dispatched to the area and carried out inspections of all passengers, their luggage and the plane itself. The baggage of the passengers was left in the terminal together with their bags. The teenagers are waiting with their luggage and are then expected to head back to London.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)