SHOCK VIDEO: Egged Bus Floors Gas To Get Through Protesters In Kikar Shabbos; Miraculously No Injuries


Protesters blocked roads in Jerusalem as they protested the arrest of a Charedi girl. The protesters also claimed that the police’s treatment of women has been criminal because it forced these women to stay away from the IDF conscription office.

According to the police, the women were distanced from their service by a court order which was enforced by the police.

During the protests, a bus driver, whose bus had been surrounded by the protesters who were violently pushing and shoving, simply kept driving.

By doing so he caused the protesters to move out of his way and was able to leave the area.

Thankfully, no one was hurt or Chas Vesholom worse.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. That action by egged bus driver is long over due let all those protester be rounded up and stop or you go to the army or community service

  2. 1-this is the only thing that works.
    2-this solution has been legaly proposed as a law to protect frusterated motorists from legal hasals after having to resort to such measures in a number of states;
    3-these hooligans have intentionaly removed themselves from “amcha” or “raiecha” for some time already. No loss to the klal would be noted; lehefech.

  3. Its about time that a bus driver did that.
    You have a right to peacefully protest, We have a right to live in peace with out being inconvenienced every time some one decides that he wants to protest.

  4. Why would you blame him? If he sat there the bus would be stoned and passengers would be hurt and terrified. If you’ve been caught up in one of these “peaceful” protests you know what I mean.

    It’s about time the rest of us took back control. Note that no matter how much these morons scream & holler, they will protect themselves. Nobody wants any tragedies chas v’sholom, but the people on the bus are sitting targets for these thugs. Kol Hakovod to the driver.

  5. I’m glad there were no injuries so, hopefully, now more Israeli drivers will feel emboldened to drive through these Peleg thugs.

  6. Are not these “frumies ” suppose to be learning Torah? Mamamsh Bitul torah.

    The bus driver was a shliach from Hashem sending a message to go back and learn . Stop hanging around and cause trouble .

  7. Even if this smart bus driver would have killed one of these protestors:- The 6th commandment is not to murder a human being. It is not a prohibition to murder animals.

  8. Protesting the arrest of a chareidi girl.
    Actually – 2 girls were arrested for refusing to join the army.
    And people who object to girls being forced into the army are animals?
    How many chapters of Tehillim did all you “wonderful caring Jews” say for these 2 girls?
    How did you express your pain?
    Will you manage to answer these questions without lashing out at others? Let’s see.

  9. I don’t know if the protests help the cause but, I do know that many innocent people are being victimized by these protests. When I was in E”Y 1 1/2 years ago over Succos, I was very inconvenienced because buses I took were rerouted to stay away from the protests, and I once had to walk about a mile to get to an appointment because buses weren’t able to run. There has to be a better way to get results and not cause everyone to suffer.

  10. 147….As much as I despise the actions of these hoodlums, they are not “animals” and deliberately running them over is premeditated murder under both civil law and Halacha.

  11. Wow! Looks like all the Zionist wannabe murderers are out in full force on YWN’s comment board today with vile comments worthy of a neo-Nazi site such as Stormfront. You guys are following in the footsteps of your Zionists ancestors who murdered Yaakov DeHaan.
    It’s now more understandable why Rav Chaim Brisker zt”l said on even Zionist Rabonim that they are choshud on retzicha, kal vachomer stam Zionists!

  12. About time somebody started pushing back against these lawless thugs! Arrest them, & throw away the key. They have no right to tie up traffic for their demonstrations. Make the hafgana in front of Knesset Park.

  13. This ought to be lawful. A person has a right to go about his lawful business, and if someone deliberately blocks his way they are consenting to be run over.

    GHT, where in halacha does it say otherwise?

    Yehuda, people who object to girls being forced into the army are not animals; people who block traffic are.

  14. chareidi amiti “amcha” for you is ppl who eat pig, drive on shabbos and march for pride; ppl who dont give a hoot to the Torah.
    And the erlicheh yidden who once or twice block a bus are not “amcha”?


  15. > yehuda26

    Are you trying to tell us that these girls had properly requested (and on time with documentation) an exemption (based on religious grounds) from the IDF but were arrested anyway?

  16. Allan you basically wish blood was shed today. Wow what an amazing person you are
    147 Rather kill somebody than block a bus. Cool, I’ll put it on my to do list


    ITS THE TREND. Yidden who do aveiros all day, oh we need to be mekariv them but ppl who block the bus OH THEY SHOULD DIE

  18. So sad
    Seeing these comments makes me want to cry.
    As I said before, where are all the commentators protests when the sickos knows as the rainbow community make a parade and block off entire avenues causing major traffic for a full day????
    That’s OK because it’s officially sanctioned??
    So the issue here is just that those whose hearts beat for the Torah didn’t get permission from the reshaim, to block the streets??
    Wow major crime.

    You know what? I’ll tell you the same you all probably say when people complain about prutzas walking my streets half naked. “don’t look ”

    So the protest block you?
    Don’t go this way.

    Stop being so tolerant of every avaryon.

    Are you ready to go on record that people should kill the blacks that protest police brutality?
    Or your only so free to shed Jewish blood.
    Me thinks you are the animals