DOUBLE STANDARD CONFIRMED: Watch Israeli Cops Attack Chareidim At Same Time Ethiopians Wrecked Havoc


The YWN question of a double standard seems to have been answered.

At precisely the same time that Israeli police did absolutely nothing as Ethiopians in Israel wreaked havoc by destroying dozens of police cars and blocking traffic across the country, Israeli police were violently treating Yeshiva Bochrim affiliated with the Peleg Yerushalmi.

The attached video is just one example of police brutality.

YWN in no way condones the actions of anyone breaking the law and blocking traffic and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of people. YWN is simply exposing the very obvious and disturbing double standard shown by Israeli police towards anyone wearing a Yarmulka.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the Ethiopian community rioted as often as Peleg Yerushalyim they would be treated like that too.
    As a religious Jew living in Jerusalem I can say that as far as I am concerned the police are too lenient with them. They should all be deported.

  2. peleg deserves to be treated like the treasonous hoodlums they are. the Ethiopians have legitimate complaints AND THEY SERVE IN THE IDF

  3. What double standard?
    YWN is instructing that we should expect the same level of behavior from “lomdei Torah” yeshiva bachurim as we do from ethiopians? The public expects more from fake yeshiva lite then it does from a minority implant that has a predisposition to see racism in every encounter.
    Personaly i think that they both should have been beaten until they left the intersections. But if i had to choose one group, there is no doubt as to who deserved it more.

  4. Just realize that here on the ground so to speak, the police were scared of igniting something racial in nature and they simply were also scared in the violence shown by the Ethiopians. The yeshiah boys for all their terrible acts off frustration, do not fight back or throw anything of significance (molotov cocktails for instance) at the police.

    The police do not have proper training and are completely influenced by media antisemitism. They are trained to be real tough because they deal with Arabs but need to know that not every situation needs brutal treatment.

    On the same note, Antisemitism starts with the Knesset and goes around. The things that Lieberman and Lapid say, would never fly in the US. Even Nancy Pelosi just gave it to her congresswomen, in Israel though, you could say it out right and its considered freedom of speech. This is our wonderful Zionism at its best.

  6. Luckily though, in one incident, a policeman was fired for pulling the peyos of a chareidi in Beit Shemesh
    Does this not sound too familiar- Pulling yidden by peyos? (for doing nothing as the video released proved)
    All in the democratic country of the Medina

  7. @Jeff. Police brutality is wrong no matter how many times one protests
    @DrYidd treason to god is first on my books, politically staged drafts dont even make it to printing. You should probably sue your publisher if your getting different material.
    @Chareidi, please take up your anger at the world with therapist and don’t put it up here, i already hear too much of that from the drug-addicted, chronically violent secular youth, and their semi-estranged parents. So why dont you discuss who you’ll be beating up somewhere else.
    Finally. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents served in the IDF, i grew up with a positive view of israel and its “defenders”. But subsequently visiting the place… lets just say it aint how they make it out to be.