MORE SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Israeli Cops Drive Motorcycle Into Yeshiva Bochur, Drag Him By His Peyos


Following the suspension of an Israeli police officer for dragging a Chareidi protester this past Friday by his peyos, new disturbing footage has surfaced showing the same behavior by Israeli Police.

The attached showing footage was released by Bichadrei Charieidm and given to YWN.

It is from a protest in Bnei Brak around 7 months ago.

A complaint was made to police, but nothing ever happened, and no action was taken.

Watch how an officer drove a police motorcycle into a Yeshiva Bochur, and then other officers drag him forcefully by his Peyos, followed by him being violently kicked by police.

In light of recent Israel Police violence, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said at a ceremony to appoint new Northern Israel District commanders that there should be zero tolerance for unnecessary police violence. Erdan promised to fight against the phenomenon of police officers taking advantage of power and announced that a special unit would soon be established to combat the violence.

“That does not mean there are no mishaps. This does not mean that there are no violent police officers, who use force for the worse, and we have to deal with them disciplinarily or criminally. A violent policeman who does not know how to show restraint cannot stay in the police.

“This is my responsibility and that of the police commissioner, and I expect these norms from every commander in the organization. I have learned and am afraid that some policemen who acted against the law continue to serve in the organization and that there is forgiveness for unnecessary police violence. It also touches upon manifestations of racism.”

“The police have done amazing work in recent years in order to get closer to the chareidi public and the Ethiopian community and there were amazing achievements.”

Erdan revealed that he plans to set up a special unit to fight police violence.

Meanwhile, MK (Shas) Moshe Arbel on Monday evening turned to the head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Unit (PIU) regarding the investigation into the policeman documented pulling on the peyos of Yehoshua Mordechai Kroizer during his arrest in Beit Shemesh. Arbel indicates that the penal law states the policeman should be sentenced to three years imprisonment for his actions.

Arbel sent a letter to the unit’s head, attorney Karen Ben-Menachem, in which he explains that the video evidence in the case is clear and the responsible person, the policeman, must be held accountable.

He adds that the video is not complete, and there may be a cause for Kroizer’s detention pertaining to his actions prior to the arrest. However, even if there was just cause, this does not constitute a “free pass” for police to treat civilians as they wish, with violence or to humiliate them on the basis of religion. “There is absolutely no justification to pull a Jews’ peyos, and in general, regarding anyone resisting arrest, and certainly for one who does not resist. This is a disproportionate violation of human dignity”, he writes.

According to Arbel, “A Jew’s peyos have always been a sign of one’s Jewish identity, a symbol of his devotion, his beliefs and his religious affiliation. In his actions, it appears that the policeman had therefore committed an offense under section 170 of the Penal Code, which states: ‘A person who destroys, harms or desecrates a place of worship, or any object held sacred to the public for the purpose of abusing their religion, or knowingly that they may regard this act as an insult to their religion, shall be liable to three years imprisonment’. This, in addition to the offense of violence committed. The full extent of the law must be exhausted in the matter of the policeman.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is great! BH for these videos now there is proof for what has been said all along. A majority of the Israeli police officers hate charedim. And during hafganos when the are out with an excuse they beat and use excessive force when detaining protesters. Usually they restrain themselves from going out of line when they are in public view as they are afraid of being recorded. But we see some instances when they have still been recorded. Just know they would act much worse if not for fear of video footage. I know someone who was arrested at a hafganah. After he was handcuffed and brought into police station, a cop hooked his foot around the guy’s feet and flipped him over on his face! While arresting a guy they always claim ‘he was resisting’ so force was needed. But it is really the hatred being revealed, whenever they have an excuse they beat charedim mercilessly.
    I’m not getting involved in right or wrong but it’s no wonder those on the street refer to these chayos as ‘Nazis’.
    Additionally before you condemn any hafganos, realize Israel is a different kind of society. It’s a bit of a backward country where the only way to get your point across is by demonstrating.

  2. Mamzerim. These pathetic excuse for cops should be thrown off the police force and thrown into prison. If it was up to me, I’d break their knees too.

  3. This video is far more shocking than the recent Beit Shemesh video. It clearly shows not one but several policemen behaving illegally. This is organised gang violence. It is impossible to understand why no action was taken on the complaint filed. The police have to learn once and for all that violent officers, irresponsible officers and hate filled officers who allow their hate to override their obligations to the public, will all face jail time. Not a few weeks or months, but serious time in jail. Let them and their families understand that they are pariahs of society. They will lose their jobs and have a criminal record, thus preventing them from working in many fields. If you drive your motorbike into people and kick people, you will go to jail. In the same way as the public’s attitude to other types of harassment and violence has changed, the attitude to police harassment and violence has changed.

  4. sickening . that’s what the Nazis ym”s did, not comparing the police to nazis though it was known that they would pull the jews by there peiyos. so sad

  5. All these Hillul HaShemnikim should be deported. The State of Israel is far too lenient with them. They are destroying Judaism and what little faith the average Israeli has in HaShem and Toras Moshe.

  6. “In light of recent Israel Police violence, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said at a ceremony to appoint new Northern Israel District commanders that there should be zero tolerance for unnecessary police violence. Erdan promised to fight against the phenomenon of police officers taking advantage of power and announced that a special unit would soon be established to combat the violence.”

    What sanctimonious nonsense. Erdan runs the police. In previous years he would have been called the Minister of Police. He sets the policies and protocols for the police and appoints senior officers. Gilad Erdan is also a senior member of the Likud and very much represents the true face and beliefs of the Likud. They cultivate an image of respecting Torah and Torah Jews but consistently engage or support policies and actions hostile to Torah and Torah Jews. It is the police under Erdan (Likud) and secret police (the SHABAK) under Netanyahu (Likud) that have consistently persecuted religious youth on both sides of the “green line.” The abduction, molestation and torture of “hill top youth” could not have happened without the unambiguous approval of these two Likudniks. The brutality towards peaceful and legitimate protesters by the police occurs because they have been encouraged to do so and promised protection from consequences. This brutality is always directed against Torah Jews. Many voters still think of the Likud as the party of Begin and Shamir. It is not. It is the party of Sharon and Netanyahu. It is the party of betrayal and persecution. It is the party of the selling of Jewish security to make profitable business deals with terrorists.

  7. More Shocking Footage!
    “Chareidim” blocking streets, disturbing entire community, causing much animosity to frum Jews, making kiruv difficult and huge Chillul Hashem, encouraging secular courts torule against the chareidim, etc.etc.

  8. It seems that because of our manny sins, yeshiva bochrorim of this dor are under the impresion that standing in the middle of a busy public street is what Hashem wants and expects of you.
    As a small tikun to this misconception, i urge anyone who thinks this way to search on you tube for :
    how not to get kicked by the police .
    This video and its timeless message have already saved untold thousands of needles korbanos.
    In that zechus may we see speedily in our days the return of yeshiva bachurim to real learning and the aliya in midos tovos that is supposed to be inherent within.

  9. Again. All those who are upset that the ‘Chareidim’ block traffic. Get over it. The right to public protest is a protected right in basically every democratic society. And yes, many places had instances of police brutality, yet they were always addressed and sparked ‘outrage’. Only in Israel, and only when it comes to ‘Chareidim’ suddenly its “a chillul Hashem” or whatever. Grow up, dont be ashamed of your own image.

  10. I am upset that Charedim block the traffic and create a Chillul Hashem, steal my time and endanger people when ambulances are delayed reaching sick patients but I am equally as disturbed to see people attacked in exhibitions of gang warfare by those charged with protecting the public, i.e. the police. There is no excuse whatsoever for the type of behavior seen in this video and others like it. And there is no stira between the two views. I am ashamed of the Israeli police allowing their emotions and prejudices to overcome them and behaving like mafia thugs. However, I am also ashamed of some of the antics of the Charedi population. We should understand what a Chillul Hashem is. The Russian goyim do not and cannot be expected to. We are the am hanivchar, they are not.

  11. If the government wanted to clear the streets, they can calmly arrest those blocking the streets one by one, process them and fine them or even some jail time for repeat offenders. But why do the cops get a free pass to act like animals? They would never do that to the Ethiopians or Arabs. They fight back. It’s time the bochurim stop screaming Nazi and start protecting each other. Don’t let the cops do whatever they want. Give it back to them double! There are a lot more of you than of them.

  12. An Israeli policeman just resigned after countless videos of protests proved that he was a false witness about a few different chareidim on a few different occasions.

    These fressers lie all the time

  13. I think he deserved it. Who ever allowed him to block all that traffic and disrespect the police? In germany they pulled the peyos for no reason other than hate. In this case, they wouldnt have ever bother him or touched him had he only listen to there commands to get out of the street and stop blocking traffic. What about all those innocent people trying to get to and from work? what if emergency response was trying to reach his mother and was stuck in traffic because of this stupid kid? these guys are all crazy. Get off the street and no one will get hurt. Period