SICKENING FOOTAGE: Israeli Cops Suspended After Dragging Chareidi Protester BY HIS PEYOS


Yehoshua Mordechai Kroizer was arrested at a protest against the destruction of an illegal building earlier in the week, a structure that was used as a shul in Beit Shemesh. Police claim he assaulted a policeman and threw rocks at police. However, a video of the events shows a different story entirely, and its was the police who were violent. In fact, one of the officers has now been suspended – after footage revealed that he dragged Kroizer by his Peyos as he walked him to a waiting police car.

On Friday, police arrested Kroizer, a resident of Beit Shemesh who participated in the protest against the destruction of an illegal building being used as a shul earlier in the week. The protest on erev Shabbos, on Ben Ish Chai Street in the Cheftziba neighborhood, resulted in police protecting municipal workers who arrived to clean the graffiti against Mayor Aliza Bloch, who is referred to as a “terrorist” for destroying the shul. At the arraignment hearing in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, Kroizer was charged with assault and throwing rocks at police. His attorney embarrassed police during the hearing.

From the video, which was published by Kikar Shabbos News, one sees Kroizer standing next to a parked car, not in the center of the protest, and a policeman approached him, assaulted him, pushed him, smacked him and then dragged him and knocked him to the ground while other policemen joined in.

At the court hearing, a police representative described the events that occurred. He explained during the afternoon hours; police escorted city officials to protect them while they executed a demolition order. “The crowd began to gather and attack police as they actively resisted, using violence as they shouted ‘Nazi'”. The police representative labeled Kroizer ” a dominant figure in the protest among the many throwing rocks, claiming the policeman who tried arresting him encountered fierce opposition and violence, and he (Kroizer) attacked the policeman, leading to the policeman suffering a fractured leg.

Attorney Roi Politi, who is representing Kroizer, asked the court to release his client immediately, before Shabbos while police asked to remand him for five additional days to permit them to continue the investigation and gather evidence to indict Kroizer. Politi explained to the court that not only did his client not attack anyone, he was the victim of an unprovoked police attack. Police in response to the damaging video evidence told the court that the video was “partial” and the court did not see the events which occurred prior to what the video showed.

The court ordered Kroizer held until Sunday, and at the next hearing, police asked that Kroizer be released with restrictions, including a promise that he arrive at questioning when summoned by police, distancing him from future protests for five months, and a cash bail. The court accepted most of the demands made by police and appeared to have adopted the police version of events. According to the court, there was a reasonable case against Kroizer, stating that for as long as the video prior to the arrest is not present, then the suspicions against Kroizer remain.

Meanwhile, on Monday afternoon, police released a statement that the officer who pulled the peyos of a Kroizer has been suspended pending the outcome of the probe into events.

Minister Aryeh Deri responded too, stating, “The disgraceful appearance of a policeman pulling a chareidi man’s peyos while arresting him should shake every Israeli. The police must conduct a thorough examination of how such an incident, which borders on anti-Semitism, takes place within it, to deal with the case and ensure that such sights do not recur.

A straight line passes between the severe and unbridled incitement we witness toward the chareidi public and these images. I hope that this event will constitute a stop sign and an immediate change in the form of discourse towards the chareidi tzibur.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit & “מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים”)


  1. What is sickening is that this goy hides behind his peyos while he yells nazi and calls a frum woman hitler, because she insists that laws are followed in her city.
    Who is the real anti semite in this story?

  2. Is pulling him by his payos any worse than pulling any demonstrator by his/her hair?? Both are inappropriate and those police who engage in such behavior should be reprimanded or suspended. It is one thing if pulling hair/payos happens inadvertently during a scuffle and the “victim” is resisting arrest or attacking the police. Here that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  3. didnt the nazis used to rip out the beards of chasseidshe rebbes and laymen alike. shame on all those who have villified chareim who call israeli police shiksas or nazis

  4. I heard that this Kroizer is a well known troublemaker in Beit Shemesh not the innocent he is being portrayed as. If you play with fire, once you may just get burned. He has skillfully dodged around until now, when he has been burned. Yom hassa, Yom bassa as they say locally. He will soon be back on the streets agitating again. When will the courts learn that locking these people up is the only way to go?

  5. chareidi amiti sometimes I wonder if you purposely make retarded statements to get people worked up, perhaps its better to ignore you

  6. You say it like it is, Chareidi amiri. First of all, who gave that chareidi guy permission to have long peyos? More importantly, some have this non-Israeli idea of free speech. That’s for Americans, not for Israelis freed from the galut mentality . Besides, why deprive a patriotic police man from having a little fun?

  7. no less the then 3 officers of the law have their hands on him and yet those in power use tactics not seen since …..since (and it hurts me to say it) ZioNist IsrAel

  8. “chareidi amiti” :
    since when is bloch frum?
    and, yes, this is why we call them nazis. they seem to be quite proud of it too, and know how to emulate them.
    yes, this is why we have laws in the “jewish state” – so that shuls can be “legally” destroyed and illegally built mosques proliferate like mushrooms after the rain. this is why we have a “jewish state” in the first place – so that “jewish” israelis can show how much they became like the goyim by persecuting the real Jews.

  9. Hey Circle !! Who gave him permission to have long payos ? You asked ! ! Eh what means free country ? Eh what means remember the exodus from Egypt every day your alive ?
    The he’ll Israel is becoming is because such questions existed ! The cholent Israel has become is because of the ministry of interiors racist policies that fuel problems and kippahs,tattoos,payos,piercings,tzitzis,t shirts don’t mean much ! Israelis aren’t Jews !
    Jews aren’t Torah and Mitzvot followers so Israel is false and go-d doesn’t care as our understandings are tested beyond tolerable levels by scenes such as police beating a autistic bochur, etc. stories such as Coca Cola mashgichim assualted after work in Bnei Brak!
    No the Israeli government has fewer friends and is less Israellike and more government like ! It’s embarassing to the state and it’s friends !

  10. If a breathing chilul hashem of an excuse for a jew desires to classify me as a self hating jew because i am not intimidated by his utter distortion of Torah Judaism, i will accept whatever title he wants to call me.
    Plopping a building down in a public space and calling it a shul violates Torah law, and renders the perpertrators not Torah observant. It is they who have removed themselves from amcha. The mayor has a duty to see to it that the rules are being enforced. She is doing the best she can. As to anyone that thinks she is not frum, that mindset alone is indicitive of your own poisonous thinking.
    I will take peyos grabbing officers any day over insurgent extremists who trample on Torah in the name of protecting it.

  11. Chareidi amiti I guess you should just change your distorted opinions because NO ONE agrees with you. Not the normal chareidim and not even the Police dep., who fired the officer

  12. Yes, Aliza Bloch is a frum lady. Which only raises the question, did she ask a rov whether she is permitted to order a shul demolished just because it was built illegally? Perhaps she did, and was told that under these circumstances she is permitted to issue the order, in which case everything is fine. But one can’t help wondering whether she is among those who imagine that being a public officer makes one exempt from mitzvos, or that in fulfilling ones public duties one need not consider what the Torah has to say about ones actions. Or, worse, that the law overrides the halacha, chas veshalom, as seems to be the belief of the outwardly-orthodox Elazar Stern. If and only if this is indeed so, then it is appropriate to condemn her for it.

  13. chareidy amiti isnt worthy of debate. you shouldnt be gores it. its not healthy. i didnt even read the comment. after i started i quickly realized it was saying wierd things about goyim hiding behind peyos, i knew it had a little too much to drink.