The Noam Party’s Roots And Founders


It is now reported that the Chazon organization is the force behind the new Noam party headed by HaGaon HaRav Tzvi Tau Shlita. The four founders of the organization united to buy the “Lazuz” party which was established eleven years ago for NIS 80,000. The party will soon register with the states party registrar.

One of the founders of Chazon is Rav Dror Aryeh, who was joined by Rav Itai Halevi (Rav of Yishuv Migron), Ariel Shachar (an engineer and businessman from Jerusalem) and Yigal Canaan (an air force combat navigator).

The man behind the scenes is the same person who conducted negotiations for Bayit Yehudi, Avi Maoz, Channel 20 personality Netanel Siman Tov and head of the URWP election campaign, Betzalel Zini. These folks operate more behind the scenes.

Halevi, Aryeh, Shachar and Canaan purchased Lazuz, which was established in 2008, for NIS 80,000. It was established ahead of elections for the 18th Knesset by Amnon and Yaela Ze’evi of Petach Tikvah and it received a mere 623 votes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)