UPDATE: Yitzchok Amar Out Of Jail, Spent Shabbos With Relatives; Pidyon Shevuim Successful


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Donors around the world united earlier this month after Miriam Amar of Jerusalem went public with the shocking story of her family’s trip to the Ukraine, and her husband’s consequent arrest. Young father Yitzchok Amar was driving his wife, mother-in-law, and infant son, when a car veered onto the road in front of them without signalling. The cars crashed into each other, and both vehicles were sent hurtling off the road. The three Ukrainians in the other vehicle were reportedly killed in the accident.

Yitzchok, expecting to be rushed to medical assistance, was instead taken to jail, where he was held unless his family could provide a shocking $200,000.

Thanks to an advertising campaign run by charity organization Kupat Ha’Ir – on The Chesed Fund – as well as the generosity of an inspiring 4,390 donors, Yitzchok was reportedly released from jail on Friday. According to sources close to the family, he spent Shabbat with family for the first time since the crash. This is a far cry from his jail cell, where he supposedly witnessed horrors such as stabbings daily.

Amar must remain in the Ukraine until August 15th, where a trial will be held to review the details of his case, and it will be confirmed that the money was received. Once the formalities of the trial are complete, the young father will be free to return to his wife and child.

This is indeed a major triumph, both for the world of charity crowdfunding, and for the Jewish People as a whole. A representative for Kupat Ha’Ir extends heartfelt thanks to the special individuals who came together to do this genuine mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim.

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  1. Thanks to yeshiva world for printing updates. It is so important to the donors to hear results and to know what to daven for and for how long

  2. Shouldn’t the 200,000 just be a deposit that is given back if he appears in court? If he’s going to court, that means they are trying to do things according to the book. What excuse would they have to keep the money, unless the court fines him for that amount.

  3. We should be crowdfunding for a strong legal team to get back every last penny of the 200k and on top of that hit the Ukrainian “authorities” with the legal fees and compensation for his detainment. I applaud Kupat Hair for raising the necessary funds but we should not be giving large sums of money like this to third world- Anti-Semitic- countries. Why give them an incentive to do similar in the future?