100s of Israelis Were Stranded In Amsterdam Airport


Hundreds of Israelis were stuck in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Wednesday due to a technical malfunction, which led to the cancelation and delays of hundreds of flights. Among those were the Israelis, who spent the night on the floor of the airport, with some explaining they were there for over 15 hours.

There was a widespread malfunction with the fuel system in the airport which led to the cancelation of 180 flights and delays in hundreds of other flights. The malfunction began on Wednesday, during the afternoon hours.

An Arkia flight that took off from Tel Aviv on Wednesday, scheduled to arrive in Amsterdam, was compelled to land in Rotterdam due to the congestion in the Amsterdam Airport. After hours of waiting, the flight continued to Schipol. This led to the delay in the return flight to Ben-Gurion, which was scheduled to depart from Amsterdam at 6:30PM.

The passengers are in the airport with hundreds and hundreds from other flights. Arkia informed the passengers that they would depart at 12:30PM on Thursday, eighteen hours after the original takeoff time.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)