WATCH IT: Famous Saudi Arabian Blogger Who Loves Israel Attacked By Palestinians On Har Habayis


Saudi blogger Mahmud Saud, who was invited to visit Israel by the Foreign Ministry, received a most unwelcome greeting on Har Habayis, as he was verbally attacked and spat at by Palestinians, who made sure he understood he is not welcome on the holy site.

As Saud walked on the holy site, young Palestinians approached him and spat at him as well as shouting insults including “Zionist traitor”, “go to a synagogue” and “trash” as he kept walking.

As YWN previously reported, Suad, a young man from the Saudi Arabian Capital of Riyadh has publicly stated his support for the State of Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel and even Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, whose show, Suad claims he watches consistently.

In a recent interview he gave with Ami Magazine, Suad was quoted as saying the following: “I took a close look at the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip and I discovered that it was impossible to believe the news that was being reported. Many things that are inaccurate are being reported in the Arabic media. Israelis are not the enemy of the Palestinian, Hamas is the one that is using the Palestinian people to maintain control. This is exactly what the Houthi rebels in Yemen are doing to the people there. What’s more so, they are being funded by Iran.”

“I love to hear piyutim. This moves me. I love to listen to Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, he speaks in easy Hebrew and it is easy for me to understand him. When I heard him speak I thought an Arab was speaking, then I realized that he is a Yemenite Jew. It is fun for me to listen to him. I also like to listen to Israeli music,” Suad admitted.

When he was leaving the area, they also threw items at him, including plastic chairs, stones and bottles. There are no reports that he was injured.

KAN News Arab Affairs Desk correspondent Suleiman Maswadeh tweeted about his reception and the insults he endured on Har Habayis.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry condemned the actions of the Palestinians on Har Habayis, which were referred to as “cruel and immoral behavior” towards a visitor from Saudi Arabia who came to Israel to be a “bridge to peace and understanding between peoples”.

Saud was not the only visitor to Israel invited by the Foreign Ministry. In fact, six journalists and bloggers from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan were invited by the Foreign Ministry as part of an effort to display the improving ties between Israel and neighboring Arab countries.

Interestingly, in the case of Saud, who speaks Hebrew, he publicly backs Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as seen frequently in his twitter messages. He also has an Israeli flag on his blog.

Among the sites visited by the visiting Arab representatives were Yad Vashem and the Knesset, as well as holy sites, as the Foreign Ministry tried to expose them to the positions of Israelis on some diplomatic issues. As such, they also met with members of Israel’s academic community and he met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Coffee addict. You got it all wrong. Neturei karta would not be attacked, it is them who attack zioni jews. Read a few lynch stories about frum soldiers davening in Beis Yisroel shiblach

  2. Mr. Suad you conducted yourself honourably. Anyone who blesses the Jewish people is blessed. This world is an upside world but after a long and productive life I predict you will see in the afterlife the true regard for the Jewish people and those who tormented you will also see this, albeit from a hotter and more unfortunate vantage point, unfortunately for them. How can you not be rewarded for every bit of abuse you endured. The perpetrators must spit on themselves and be consumed with rage, their lives worthless and unproductive as they consume themselves with negativity and likely batter each other and themselves. You are the oil that has floated to the top and these abusers are in the dust of your feet – in your rear view mirror as you advance higher and higher as an honorable man, based on what we’ve seen!