Egged Campaign Angers Chareidim


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Egged has launched a campaign which according to many, is obviously aimed at the chareidi tzibur. A photo shows a Shabbos challah with wheels on it along with the caption that a bus ride and a challah in a grocery store have something in common. One must pay for them both. In another similar version, there is a can of soda with wheels on it, explaining one must pay for a bus ride as one pays for the drink.

The ad continues, explaining how Egged does its utmost to achieve customer satisfaction together with concerning itself with passenger safety. The text stresses that in line with Halacha and state law, one is required to pay for a ride on a bus when one boards.

Chareidim feel that while not saying so in so many words, the ad campaign is obviously directed at the chareidi tzibur and this is insulting, some going as far as calling the campaign “anti-Semitic.”


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting. A different version of the ad shows a lego block on wheels and says “riding a bus is exactly like buying a toy in a toy store; you have to pay for both.”

  2. What more do you expect from the tziyonim? The Chareidim virtually all pay for their bus rides. But the zionists are embarrassed by the thieves from Tel Aviv and this is their bad attempt at deflecting attention from their Tel Aviv problem.

  3. This is absurd. I don’t consider myself Chareidi but I buy challah. The general supermarket in my neighborhood sells challahs in the bakery (not a kosher bakery) and goyim buy it, does that make them Chareidi? The ad on the bus does not directly relate only to Chareidim.

  4. I don’t see the problem with the ad, if there are indeed fare evaders in chareidi neighborhoods.

    Basic marketing means that you want to relate to your intended audience. A Challah is a good choice, in my opinion.

  5. as an american charadi in Jerusalem who rides Egged several times each day I have seen too often charadim get on the back door and not pay. It is sad but Egged is correct!

  6. I’m not sure if the ad is really targeted at Chareidim, but I frequently ride on Chareidi bus lines, and have seen with my own eyes people who get on and don’t pay. The bus drivers have to ask many times for people to pay their fares, sometimes even stopping the bus and walking down the aisle to tell them. This happens sometimes when the driver allows passengers to enter via the rear door.
    Meanwhile many of us are sitting there dismayed at the Chilul Hashem caused by these scofflaws.

  7. Yes, it is about the buses that come right after Shabbos to the kosel. Many people walk there on Shabbos and have no money to pay when they go home. Egged has never bothered to clarify that such riders are expected to pay Egged afterwards. Most people assumed that this was a gracious community service, for FREE. Egged never made their policy clear, and instead came out with these offensive ads, explicity referring to stealing. But someone has takent he initiative to circulate a series of takeoffs on these ads, wish I knew how to forward to YWN. Example: Egged says “For service you have to pay.” The counter-ad refers to the lousy service in decrepit buses, overcrowded like sardines,{An Egged bus is just like a can of sardines–both are crowded and soggy”and re:not keeping to official schedule,etc: “For payment we expect service.” And the rebuttal to Lego ad says “Egged’s service is just like a child’s toy –not serious level.”

  8. Crazy- all those guys who get on and off using the back doors have passes! a bus number 3 driver said specifically how he trusts the charedi circle with their paying as apposed to the secular circles who often try to slip pass the fee.

  9. It is in Egged’s policy to make you swipe your Rav Kav every time you get on. The problem is that if you didn’t pay with a Rav Kav, what’s the difference? BUT, people probably don’t realize this “what’s the difference” is still a rule – and it’s a rule has seichel….