VIDEO: Six Months Since The Murder Of Tekoa Resident Ori Ansbacher HY”D


Almost six months have passed since the murder of Tekoa resident, Ori Ansbacher HY”D, the 19-year-old Tekoa resident whose body was found in the forest near Ein Yael, which is located between Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo and the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Walaja.

Now, after the family has had a bit of time to digest the bitter news of the brutal slaying, and beginning to adjust to harsh new realities, her mother, Mrs. Naah Ansbacher, agreed to speak with the media.

Following are some highlights of the Hebrew interview.

“Until now I could not speak. However, I still hear Ori and she remains with us. She was in Sheirut Leumi in the Alyn Hospital at the time of her murder.

“When I called her cellphone and it was off, I knew something not good occurred, knowing her as I do. I looked for her for a number of hours, and I understood something had occurred.

[UPDATE – Palestinian Arrested In Brutal Murder Of 19-Year-Old Ori Ansbacher HY”D]

“On that same Thursday night, it was late, and we explained to the children. I of course could not sleep and was on the balcony. I recall the sun began to rise and it was an amazing sunrise, one of the most beautiful I have seen and then I understood that something occurred, I was receiving a message.

“The story with Ori was a meeting, with the height of light and purity which were Ori and the height of darkness, like the ‘big explosion’ and this meeting between these two extreme diverse forces left me with a deep question – which will succeed in the world?

It is clear to me that the light will emerge the victor in this battle…

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)