Shas Appeals to the Nazareth District Court to Reverse its Ruling Regarding the Moti Steinmetz Concert


The Shas party announced on Monday it will turn to the Nazareth District Court with a request to reverse its previous decision regarding the planned Moti Steinmetz concert that was scheduled for Afula this week. The Afula City Hall decided to prohibit separate seating at the event. An appeal to the Nazareth District Court failed as the court backed City Hall’s decision. This led to Steinmetz announcing he is pulling out as the concert was scheduled for this week.

Shas turned to the court during the early morning hours on Monday, calling for the court to vacate the ruling, stating it was “given only by the virtue of the erroneous municipal consent, and to order and urgent hearing on the body of the petition in which Shas’ position will be presented or alternatively to bring the matter for a ruling to the High Court.

Women’s organizations took the matter to the district court hoping to prevent the concert, which is set for Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Shas explained to the court there are many other separate seating events, citing the religious community is not seeking to force its lifestyle on anyone, but there are those city residents who wish to have separate seating events.

The request on behalf of Shas was filed with the court by attorneys Moshe Arbel and Yisrael Bach, citing in line with the High Court ruling prohibiting separate seating, it only applies if there is opposition. Separate seating events are permitted for as long as there is no legal impediment, as is the case with persons who planned to attend this concert.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. it is a shame that the left liberals have such hatred for the religious. They should realize that in another generation the religious will become the majority and then we will prohibit mix seating and all concerts etc.

    How will they enjoy that?