SEE THE DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: 11-Month-Old Rescued from a Parked Vehicle in Bnei Brak


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An 11-month-old girl was rescued from a vehicle parked in Bnei Brak, Monday afternoon. Hatzolah Gush Dan and MDA transported to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital in “stable condition and fully conscious”.

YWN-Israel has learned the child was left in the vehicle for 90 minutes, and it appears the fact the vehicle was shaded by a tree above, most likely saved the child’s life.

Yedidim reports that the call came in shortly after noon, and the child was rescued from the vehicle parked on HaGra Street in Bnei Brak. An alert passerby saw the child in the locked vehicle shouting for help. Ben Shmuel Cohen, a resident of Rosh Ha’ayin who passed by and saw the baby in the vehicle, reporting “she was red and sweating”. He did not hesitate and smashed a window of the vehicle.

Yisrael Amasi, the director-general of Yedidim calls on the public to work towards eradicating the phenomenon of tragic cases involving children, explaining in this case, he was working nearby, and he ran to the scene with a hammer, smashing the vehicle’s window without hesitation.

Hatzolah EMT Yitzchak Kenan explains that when he arrived on the scene he found the child, who was “extremely red and burning up”. He adds the window was smashed by someone and they got the child out, and she was transported by paramedics to the hospital.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. nebech, perhaps someone who has no secular education thought that the shade of the tree would help a locked car. it would help, the child dies more slowly. haShem Yerachaim

  2. the parent who left this child in the car should be put into jail for a few days without air conditioning. BH for the person who saw this child crying.

  3. We need to petition the government and the car companies to install the technology that Already Exists in cars to detect a child left behind and alert people!

  4. I have a very simple no tech solution–take a clothesline clip–attach it to the car seat–then, when putting the car seat in the car, remove the clip and attach it to your door handle–you cannot open the door without removing the clip, and it reminds you of the kid–people with little kids are sleep deprived and when a brain is sleep deprived it forgets–and kids fry and die–my solution costs 5 frikkin cents!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!

  5. @dryidd please don’t make this about getting a secular education. You speak as if the torah doesn’t educate people to have common sense. This incident has nothing to do with getting a secular education. And just btw, if you read the article, the tree being there actually might’ve saved the little girl due to the shade it provided.

    Oh and Getting abortions is pumped into our “secular education” system… Is that also common sense?

  6. “nebech, perhaps someone who has no secular education thought that the shade of the tree would help a locked car. it would help, the child dies more slowly. haShem Yerachaim”

    The level of condescension in this comment is disgusting. Parent makes terrible, inexcusable mistake, and stupid anonymous commenter makes sure to lay blame at the feet of a large chunk of Klal Yisroel, with zero evidence that the reason you look down upon them has anything to do with the incident. Two days after Tisha B’av. You are disgusting. Hashem yeracheim on you; what a vile comment.

  7. Dr Yidd; My Yeshiva had secular studies and I remember how in our seventh grade science class the teacher said that the heat of the Sun penetrates tree shade and vehicle exteriors… Not!
    Nor was such taught anywhere your pathetic hatred notwithstanding.

  8. Sick people some of you are. Instead of expressing disappointment, attention, and anger towards the parents who could’ve killed another human being, you harp on someone’s comment which you don’t like, regarding a secular education. Real immature!

  9. Do not judge, do not judge! People forget, people miscommunicate. How many times did you think your husband was going to do something and he thought you would be doing it?! Life happens and we have to be so happy for this family that this story did not end in absolute tragedy! Thank Hashem every day that you were never challenged with the death of a child… the pain far too great to express! No sane person wants to cause any kind of pain to their child, let alone death… people are human and life can get crazy.

  10. @TGIShabbos.
    To what end would anyone have to express disappointment ect. do you think the parent left the child on purpose? hasnt been forewarned at this point? or reads ywn? YWN isnt a community briefing, its a news website ( att least they atempt) with the opportunity for open conversation. Someone said something discusting in the conversation. They are now being responded to. thats how it works. keep your brand of maturity.

  11. Not at all immature.
    Of course everyone feels badly for the child and the parents.
    But, religious Jews are getting fed up with religion being blamed for every bad incident that occurs, even though there is no relationship at all.
    So they feel compelled to defend Hashem;s honor.
    It is their right and their duty.

  12. Thank you Hashem that this precious baby girl was saved. I am sure that whoever left the baby didn’t leave the baby in a hot car on purpose. so please stop arguing . I am also sure that Dryidd said it out of emotion. seeing a small child in a dangerous situation can bring out a feeling of anger. please if you don’t like the remark just ignore it.
    Have a gut gebenched yur

  13. chash, consider putting even 1% of the energy and vigor you showed towards DrYidd and then w’d start to consider you have empathy for this absolute tragedy. Neither of us know the full story but I’d be sure that the parent(s) never forgot their cellphone or wallet in the car before, lehavdil a child is different than a piece of metal with a picture of an apple on it. Yes, YWN is an open conversation. I consider this story upsetting and tragic, you consider someone else’s words to upset you.