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New Buildings for a Number of Chareidi Schools in Yerushalayim

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon announced that his year, there will be an unprecedented number of new buildings in the capital for the chareidi education system in addition to numerous important improvements. The mayor explains these are important steps towards bringing an end to the discrimination which has left the chareidi system lagging behind.

New buildings for the chareidi system
The Bnos Elisheva Seminar, which to date has been on Rashi Street, in a rented building with unacceptable classrooms, will now benefit from a new building with 36 classrooms at a cost of NIS 55 million. The Afikei Deah and Nativ HaChinuch seminars, which have been located in rented buildings with difficult conditions to date, will move to a new building with 20 classrooms, with an investment of over NIS 25 million.

The Siach Sod School for special education, which to date has also made do with unacceptable classrooms and conditions, will also benefit from a new building containing 12 classrooms. The building will include an addition floor which houses a therapy pool, with a cost of over NIS 19 million.

Seminar Darchei Roche for 9th-12th grades, which to date has been in the Jerusalem wholesale market in Givat Shaul, in a rented building, in unacceptable classroom conditions, will move to a new building containing 36 classrooms, at a cost of over NIS 50 million.

The Vishnitz School in the Romeima area of the capital received an addition of 12 classrooms and a hall at a cost of close to NIS 30 million. Talmid Torah Achiezer Mutzafi is receiving an addition 15 classrooms at a cost of over NIS 22 million.

The list above is only some of the new buildings and additions for the chareidi system.

All total, there will be 131 new classrooms for the chareidi sector at a total cost of NIS 210 million and an additional NIS 5 million is allocated for a special educational program catered to the chareidi education system.

For a first time, a center for the development of teaching staff [מרכז פסג”ה” (פיתוח סגלי הוראה)] opened in Jerusalem to serve the chareidi teachers in the capital. It provides programs for teachers from kindergarten to junior high, thereby encouraging a continuing sequence in education and towards preventing dropouts. In addition, teacher come to vocational training in the new center, and professionals from the center visit teachers in classrooms in their respective educational institutions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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