Light Rail Work Site in the Geula Area Destroyed by Chareidi Vandals


Some 50 chareidi extremists arrived at a Jerusalem light rail construction site and made good on threats to ‘do everything possible’ to sabotage the work.

A few dozen extremists arrived at a light rail work site in the Geula area of the capital, as they feel the light rail passing through their community will compromise the chareidi character of the community. They destroyed anything in the area, including tools and partitions cordoning the site off.

The violence occurred at the intersection of Yechezkel and David Street, as the first stage of preparing for the light rail in that area began. They began their protest with shouts, leading to the destruction of anything and everything they could destroy.

A Yassam unit arrived and this led to a half hour of confrontations, Kikar Shabbos News report, but at the end, calm was restored to the area.

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Work is to resume at the area immediately, but this time, with police standing by to protect the work details and the equipment.

Recently, YWN reported that the Eidah Charedis of Yerushalayim was embarking on a new campaign to fight the planned construction of the subterranean section of the light rail that is planned to go underneath various Chareidi neighborhoods in Yerushalayim, including the Geulah neighborhood.

The planned route takes the line down Strauss and Yehezkel Streets with three stations planned along the way. The route bisects Kikar HaShabbat that divides Geulah and Meah Shearim. Extremist elements in the Charedi community have expressed their strong opposition to the plan.

The Eidah published a letter stating that they believe the construction will cause severe destruction to the neighborhood and that all residents of the neighborhoods should oppose the plans and the construction by “any means necessary”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. it is such a narrow street now, buses have trouble getting through. I can see that the light rail would really mess things up. But I don’t agree with the vandalism, there is a charadi mayor and their are charadim in the city hall and in the state government to turn to.

  2. Honestly, you have to feel for them. This is their last little enclave where they’re safe from the awful secular Israeli culture, and the city wants to run a light rail full of it straight through. I think they’re actually right in this case. This will destroy geula as we know it. Think of your Friday afternoon trips to geula when you visit israel. Donesky.

  3. I don’t know anything about the intricacies of the matter, but bloggers elsewhere point out that (allegedly) the train simply replaces the buses. So one would have to wonder how an underground train brings more outsiders into the neighbourhood than open buses on the surface.

  4. israelilamdan- The Dictionary defines “Vandal” as “a person who deliberately destroys or damages public or private property.” Yes, they are vandals. No opinion. No argument.
    Toi- They are right in the case of Geneiva? You are certainly right about continuing with destroying Geula, though some have said it has been destroyed for decades already (both the ruchnyous and gashmyous). I can’t imagine any of our Avos being proud of what they neighborhood has become. Certainly their actions aren’t the way of Avraham Avinu.

  5. This new Violent Destructive Street behavior by Bochrim is a cancer in Yiddishkeit. In our Thousands year History, Yeshiva Bochrim never behaves violently nor Screamed in Streets, until now. Imagine Yidden behaving this way in the Shtetlech, even during the Hardest Times. Here people who do not work nor pay taxes are destroying property of Taxpaying Working people. That is called STEALING. לא תגנב! They are not allowed to Destroy property! This light Rail is NO DIFFERENT THAN CARS, BUSES, TRAINS. The same people who use them will use them, it REDUCES TRAFFIC. This Unreasonable Radical inciting Fear must Stop!