Number 2 Man on Ron Kobi’s List Attends a ‘Gimmel’ Parlor Meeting; Says He Was “Impressed” With MK Gafne


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MK Moshe Gafne, the chairman of the Degel Hatorah faction in Yahadut Hatorah, participated in a tour of Tiveria on Monday evening as the election nears. He took part in a parlor meeting in the northern city in the hope of persuading participants to vote for Yahadut Hatorah. Among the participants in the parlor meeting was the number two man on the Secular Right party list headed by the city’s anti-chareidi mayor, Ron Kobi.

Joining Gafne in the tour of the city was Councilman David Ochana, municipality head Menachem Shapira, Shlomo Falk and representatives of Degel Hatorah from the Carmel region and others.

The parlor meeting was held in the home of askan Gili Arish, and according to a Kikar Shabbos News report, attorney Miri Azoulai, who is the number two person on Kobi’s list, was also present.

It is also reported that Arish is a brother-in-law of Azoulai, and at the end of the event, he announced planning to vote ‘Gimmel’, met with a round of applause. Azoulai however told Councilman David Ochana when the parlor meeting ended that she was most impressed with MK Gafne.

In the meantime, Kobi continues his anti-chareidi campaign, which he hopes will be his ticket to getting into Knesset.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)