Two Machane Yehuda Area Stores Shut for 21 Days as a Fine for Endangering the Welfare of the Public


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Police issued an administrative closure order for 21 days against two businesses in the Machane Yehuda area for endangering the welfare of the public.

During the weekend nights, the O’Connell (אוקונול) Bar and Shoka Bar (השוקא) held street parties in which dozens of people blocked the narrow passageways, creating a risk to the public and compromising the conditions of the license for the events. Police officers who were operating on the scene stopped the incidents and confiscated the amplification equipment and the persons in charge were summoned to the police for questioning and a hearing.

While the owners were warned in the past by police, they operated against the law once again and therefore, the decision was made to shut down both places as a fine, for a period of 21 days.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)