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Court Delays Decision on Whether Malka Leifer Is Fit to Stand Trial

Five years after the extradition process began against Malka Laufer, who was principal of a frum school in Melbourne, and stands accused of committing serious offenses against her students, a district court on Monday decided a panel of experts will be appointed to determine her eligibility for prosecution.

According to a KAN News report, the judge did not decide the matter due to the questions that arose during the hearing pertaining to Laufer’s mental status. The court insists that experts observe her and determine if Laufer is indeed unfit to face extradition or if she will be extradited to Australia to face criminal charges.

The court pointed out the Health Ministry’s district psychiatrist that at present, she is unfit for extradition or to endure a trial.

In her ruling, the judge said, “There were many flaws in the evaluations of the psychiatrist who determine her incompetence, and this affected the opinion. On the other hand, the existence of daily actions does not necessarily indicate impersonation as the respondent used”.

A representative of the international unit of the prosecution said he never encountered a case in which a court appointed a panel of experts.

Attorneys representing Laufer objected the move, the establishment of the expert panel, explaining such a move must come from the Jerusalem district. The court explained the District Psychiatrist will be appointing a psychiatrist to the panel.

As reported by YWN-Israel, Litzman stands accused of abusing the authority of his office to persuade district psychiatrists and others to release professional opinions that Laufer is unfit for extradition or to stand trial despite being wanted for over seventy attacks against students in that country.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. YWN: Please explain why this is not Loshon Hora. If there’s a heter involved e.g. Apei T’lasa it would behoove you to state that before posting a gossip piece.

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