Israel’s Weekend Weather Forecast; Some Rain Possible


Temperatures on Thursday, October 31, 2019, are seasonable. However, on Thursday night, precipitation is expected to begin along the coast. A cooling trend will begin over the weekend, with a slight drop in temperatures on Friday, with light rain in the north and center. There is also a chance of light rainfall in the north and center on Shabbos, with skies expected to become overcast.

The rain should return at the beginning of the week, accompanied by slight warming and westerly winds expected along the coast.

Following are the expected temperatures for Thursday and Thursday night:
Jerusalem: 23-14C (73-57F), Tel Aviv: 26-17 (79-62), Haifa: 29-12 (84-53), Tzefas 21-13 (70-55), Tiveria: 29-18 (84-64), Afula: 29-12 (84-53), Beit Shean: 30-15 (86-59), Ashdod: 26-18 (79-64), Be’er Sheva: 22-13 (71-55) and Eilat: 31-15 (87-59).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)