Gabbai of Haifa’s Beit Knesset HaGadol Bound, Gagged & Beaten


The gabbai of Haifa’s Beit Knesset HaGadol was violently attacked in his office on Herzl Street in the Hadar neighborhood of the city. Three robbers tied him up, gagged him with tape and then brutally beat him.

What the bandits did not know was that outside, detectives were already waiting for the robbers. One of them even got a fedora and jacket from a Yeshiva Bochur who passed by the area. They apprehended the robbers at the entrance of the building as they came down the stairs and were making their getaway.

The attempted to flee, but B’chasdei Hashem detectives jumped them and made the arrest. They were arraigned on Thursday and police asked they be held without bail.

The gabbai, a man in his 70s, was injured and he required medical attention.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)