To’eva Parade in Yerushalayim Begins on Thursday Evening


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jIt is a painful sight, seeing the rainbow to’eva flag lining Rupin Blvd. and other areas in the capital as Yerushalayim is set to host a to’eva parade R”L on Thursday night, 25 Menachem Av 5773.

During the hours of 17:00-20:00 many streets will be closed, including King George from the Mashbir department store to Paris Square, Keren HaYesod from Palmer to Paris Square, Ben Tzvi from Betzalel to Rupin, and Chaim Hazuz from Herzog to Rupin. Other Rechavia area streets will be blocked as well. The to’eva event begins at Independence Park.

Hundreds of police and border police are assigned to the event.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is the direction the zionists (and the secular Jews in general) have turned. In a way it is predicted, since we learn that doing one aveirah (and the zionists, and hilonim worldwide, did many) leads to doing more averiah. This is what going off the derekh ends up as.

    On the bright side, anything that reduces the ability of our enemies to reproduce will benefit us in the long run. The sooner they are extinct, the better.

  2. Their tainted souls stupidly believe that the goyim in the world will respect them more for this immoral abomination to Hashem. If anything, the goyim view them as low-class G-dless Jews without morals and ethics, disgracing themselves and Israel to the utmost level.

  3. Zalman says:
    August 1, 2013 at 11:09 am

    We are OBLIGATED to protest this abomination! We must come out with full force.

    yes but not to join the IDF to protect from real enemies

  4. These are the same people who have the nerve to worry about the “desecration” of some IDF monuments when they desecrate the holiest city in the world. What twisted minded corrupt filthy people.

    And they still demand that Jerusalem not be shared with Arabs when they are metameh it to the lowest level. Perhaps under Arab control it would not be defiled.

    These immoral abominable people are whom the government want charedim to join in the army. Never!

  5. Next time, for the benefit of your readers, please post CORRECT information!!

    The route was from Independence Park to the Rose Gardens, via Ramban St. NOT via the Mashbir/Betzalel St

  6. #6 “yes but not to join the IDF to protect from real enemies”

    Please discuss it with a Torah scholar before showing off your illiteracy in a public forum.

  7. As expected, all of the batlanim who are so valiant to fight the milchemes Hashem instead of actually trying to be mekarev those lost souls in the parade, are just using it as a springboard to bash Israel.

    So not only are you not making a macha’ah, your making the same chillul Hashem that they are. Shame.

  8. “We are OBLIGATED to protest this abomination! We must come out with full force.

    yes but not to join the IDF to protect from real enemies”

    The goyim can be an annoyance, but they are hardly an existential threat. Over the last few millenia, it has become clear that Ha-Shem will protect us in the long run. It may be awkward for a while, but we’ll survive. We’ve managed tp survive enemies that were a lot scarier than Hamas.

    But history has shown us that when Jews give up Torah, they disappear just as assuredly as if they were gassed or dumped into a bit. The “pro-Toeiva” movment is in fact a movement to delegitimize traditional family life is an existential threat to our existence.

  9. @LBJ
    May HKBH judge you the way you judge others.
    Flyers were posted around the route. Placed on cars, put into mailboxes, etc.
    For some reason “(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)” chose NOT to read these, and to tell people who might want to AVOID the parade to avoid streets that were safe.

  10. AThought says:
    August 1, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    #6 “yes but not to join the IDF to protect from real enemies”

    Please discuss it with a Torah scholar before showing off your illiteracy in a public forum.

    I do not need to it is simple common sense and al pie torah or maybe you and some gedoloem did not read the parts of the torah where all went to war

  11. Instead of wasting so much time “protesting” and demonstrating against these gay pride and WoW groups (who thrive on the attention and publicity) perhaps the frum community would be better off redirecting their time and energy on outreach efforts to these groups. I don’t think having a bunch of charedim screaming “sheigitz” and a variety of obscentities at these events has made a single particpant rethink their “affiliation” and make a decision to adopt a torahdike lifestyle.

  12. To Athought… First, I’m against this parade, it’s awful that it takes place especially in Yerushalayim.

    But to my point about you:

    In general, you go from topic to topic bashing Israel and talking about tumah and IDF.Obviously, you know a little learning. However, you’re using what you’ve learned in support of a twisted obsession about Israel. Your type of obsession is called Projection. You project onto others what you’re feeling inside your empty but dark soul. You feel tumah so you project it. You feel hate so you project it..It’s not as if it’s a one-time thing with you. It’s a neurosis and quite possibly a psychosis. But you’re not alone with this type of illness so it’s imperative that you seek counseling, a support group or some medication.But don’t ignore it, please, because it only gets worse.

  13. Now I know that akuperma is totally insane. “It may be AWKWARD for awhile”. In other words, the Holocaust was “awkward for awhile”. You are much sicker than I ever thought.

  14. No. 1: You indicated in your second paragraph that you expect gay people to become extinct. You evidently subscribe to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Did you intend the irony?