A Missing Wallet Delays a Wizz Air Flight from Budapest to Tel Aviv


A Wizz Air flight that was supposed to take off on Monday morning at 6:00AM from Budapest to Tel Aviv did not, because officials believed a wallet belonging to an employee that was missing was actually stolen, possibly by someone on the flight.

According to the Israel TV News12 report, immediately after all the passengers boarded the flight, which was now readying for takeoff, airport officials boarded the flight and announced it is feared that a wallet was stolen from an employee and therefore, all of the passengers were going to be questioned.

At first, they called on one passenger to come forward, and they checked him and his carryon luggage. When the search turned up empty, a wallet found under a seat of a female passenger who arrived as part of a delegation of gymnasts, was detected. When she reported the wallet, police decided to remove her from the plane and to hold her for questioning together with all the passengers. It is added that difficult weather conditions prevented taking off at that time, nonetheless.

It is added the passengers were taken to an extremely small stuffy room where a body check was performed on them. They were not given water or anything to eat. Police and police dogs stood outside the room.

Parents of the gymnasts claimed their girls were being treated by scapegoats in a case that has absolutely no connection with anyone on board and it appears the employee’s wallet may have fallen.

The Israel Foreign Ministry reports it has been made aware of the incident and the Israeli Consulate in Budapest has been in contact with local authorities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)