“Hashomer Hatzair” Leftist Pleads For Mezuzah


When former IDF Spokesperson Avi Benayahu, who currently works in the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, saw a Chareidi bochur looking in vain for a mezuzah to kiss at the entrance to the Circular Tower, he was moved to action.

“No new mezuzah has been put up since the renovation of the lobby of the Circular Tower,” Benayahu wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday, Kikar Hashabat reported.

“Hundreds and thousands of religious employees and visitors arrive at the entrance every morning,” Benayahu continued. “As a ‘Hashomer Hatzair’ man, who works in the tower and hosts meetings with religious people, I turn to you, please…”

Shortly later, the CEO of the Azrieli Center, Yoav Gazit, went down to the entrance of the building with a yarmulke on his head and put up a mezuzah.

Benayahu told Kikar Hashabat: “This morning I saw a Chareidi bochur looking for the mezuzah to kiss at the entrance without success. Following this, I felt I needed to take action in order that a mezuzah be put up for the benefit of the dozens of religious and Chareidi employees who come to the tower every day.”


  1. A Shomer Hattzair requesting a Mezuzah?
    This is the manifestation of the Chazal : אפילו הריקנין שבכם מלאים מצוות כרמון
    Even the Empty (Not yet frum) Among you are full of Mitzvos like a pomegranate.
    מי כעמך ישראל