TRAGEDY: American Yeshiva Bochur From Passaic R”L Killed In Jerusalem Crash


A horrific crash took the life of a young American Yeshivas Bochur in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening.

Avrohom Nochum Landi Z”L, 20, from Passaic, was identified as the victim. The Niftar was learning in the Mir Yerushalayim.

The Levaya will be held in front of the Mir Yerushalayim at 6:45PM on Thursday. The Kevura will be in Har Hazeisim.

Police say the crash between a private vehicle and a tractor trailer occurred at around 6:23PM on Wednesday on the Begin Highway near Ramot.

United Hatzalah Volunteers tell YWN that they arrived on the scene and found two victims with critical injuries. They were rushed to the hospital – one of them in traumatic arrest.

Shaarei Tzedek Hospital released a statement shortly after that Avrohom Nochum Landi Z”L was Niftar.

The other occupant is reportedly also from the United States.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…


  1. BigA, do you think this commenter is right? “Hashem arranges coincidences and patterns for a reason. I learned that tragedies recur in order that we should recognize this. “According to Rambam (Hil. Taanis 1:1-3), it is a positive commandment of the Torah for every individual to cry out and search his ways at a time of national calamity, for G-d visits calamities upon Israel to inspire each Jew to repent for his misdeeds. If someone fails to recognize that tragedies occur through an act of G-d rather [than] through happenstance, he is considered cruel,because he will not be motivated to improve his behavior. As a result, G-d will beset Israel with more troubles, until all are motivated to change their ways.” (Artscroll Sefer Yehoshua, Perek 7, pasuk 6, footnote)

  2. In the mir yeshiva there is an announcenMent that the levaya will start at 6 . Family name is landy. I donnot havee more info.Other boy in car is hospitalized. Baruch dayan haemes…..

  3. The Landi bochur was 23 years old and learned by Rav Lazer Yudel (son of Rav Elya Boruch ztl) for 3 years and was very close with him.
    The other bochur is Beer from Monsey and is bH doing much better.