Bnei Brak: Damage Caused By Off-The-Derech Youths During Shabbos [PHOTOS]



As is the case weekly, off-the-derech youths on Shabbos hang out together, usually looking for some action to pass the time.

This past Shabbos, their recreational activities included breaking and ripping out canisters and road barriers in Bnei Brak, in addition to scaring passers-by in the area.

There were no reports of anyone taken into custody. Police are probing the incidents towards locating those responsible.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These children are not Martians. They did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. They are our children. Each one has a story and it is not generally a pleasant one. Keep this in mind if you come across them. If you can, talk to them, hear their story, hear their pain.

  2. “As is the case weekly, off-the-derech youths on Shabbos hang out together, usually looking for some action to pass the time.”
    Not true. They just feel upset at how they were treated or not understood and they’re taking it out on the community that failed them.

  3. @Aryeh Zelasko

    These parents have likely thrown their kids out of the house & they have nowhere to go. It’s terrible & they compound the problems by rejecting their own children. Of course these kids are 100% wrong but they aren’t stupid – they know it. They are SCREAMING for help, support & acknowledgement. I know some of those kids where I live & they are so pleasant & respectful to us because we treat them with respect. Of course it’s hard to overlook a lot of what they do, say & wear, & I feel for the parents. Nevertheless, they need to be there for their kids, or one day, as happened in Beit Shemesh 2 weeks ago, there will be devastation all round. And there needs to be much more funding to provide competent counseling, rehab, education and employment, & safe houses for them to stay. It’s a community wide problem & we are all responsible for these kids.

  4. So sad to share such news publicly! Imagine the aungush their families are in and this does not help it. If it happens weekly why is only reported now? ( Does ywn want public attention for this?)
    Chaval to the editor for letting such peice of news be shared

  5. Shtika I think your better off following your own advice and stay Shtika or you sound like a shota. As someone involved a little with these types of kids I can tell its not the community that failed them. Many of these kids have personal issues. It can be learning, family, social, mental health. Often one of these issues brings on another issue. Often these kids need to see social workers or psychologists when they’re in elementary school, but the cost is prohibitive. These kids struggle through 8th grade many can’t get into a decent mesivta because of the issues they have. This is when parents start seeing red flags and run to get help, Its never too late, but often by this time these kids are sick of the school system (not that it failed them but they couldn’t fit in.) They are fighting with their parents, and just want to follow the crowd or their friends.

  6. i believe its more that we live in a fake phony bluff world where people live lives of bluff and they think that those innocent neshumes just turned bad from cheder or yeshiva,
    if you learn misser sefurim and learn how machules asiros causes their kids to be metame their neshume.
    Restaurants with very shvache hachseirim are full of heimishe,chasidishe ,litvishe yidden dining without even knowing who the owners are, and by shopping your grocery and throwing every product in your shopping cart not knowing that what you just picked up could be full of worms,bishil akim,or non kosher ingredients which a manufacturer cheated.
    i am mentioning here the yiddishe Levish because we can argue day and night that my rebbe or rosh yeshiva such dress code but machulis asiris there is no argument (note..i am not mentioning any hechsher in particular because this again is different in every community)but i am sure you get the point,

  7. ah Yid: “but the cost is prohibitive” 100% correct. What right to therapists have to exploit poor parents who barely make ends meet. And every child that needs a therapist needs various other help i.e. private lessons, music lessons, OT etc.
    There should be a maximum what therapists are allowed to charge and financial help should be available.

  8. My personal story coming from this back ground it has to do with the age I am now settling down back in the community it’s a whole different thing I have been through it all and experienced it all it’s a age that you are so rebellious that you make sure that yeshiva world news talks about you now by you posting that off the darech people did this we can go in what is off the darech and what it means now everyone is on their own way and looking and searching for something I have been all over the world and seeing it all so they’re all on the darech they just need find the real hashem what they are looking for