Shas MK Seeks to Hold Up Funding for Israel’s Council for Higher Education


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There was a harsh exchange of words on Monday during a session of the Knesset Finance Committee as the matter discussed was allocating funds for Israel’s Council of Higher Education. Committee Chair MK Moshe Gafne and Shas MK Michael Malchieli exchanged words as Malchieli feels the funding for the council should be delayed since the council according to him works against colleges which accommodate chareidim, having men and women studying separately.

Malchieli voiced strong opposition to the funding for the council since the latter discriminates against colleges teaching chareidim. He explained that for years, the council has abused the chareidi colleges, making life as difficult for them as possible.

Malchieli demanded, “When they come to the committee seeking funding next time, I insist not transferring the funds until they stop their abuse of the chareidi colleges.

However, Gafne surprised his chareidi colleague and responded angrily. “I do not share this request. A chareidi person should not go to higher education institutions”. Malchieli agreed.

Gafne continued, explaining, “I do not think they should study there. There is apikorsus. Everything there is mixed, boys and girls. They want to compel chareidi men and women to study in mixed classes. I lecture there and I see what is going on”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)